DiscourseHub issue on IOS

I’m trying to configure DiscourseHub on my iPhone. After entering my username and password, I get a message, “Your browser seems to have cookies disabled” and that I need to enable them. The only browsers I know of on the phone are Safari and Chrome and I think I’ve enabled cookies on both. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this?

I use this and it works like a dream.

How is that helpful?

Sorry, I am not a techie. That’s all I can say. :man_shrugging:

DiscourseHub is just a poorly rated wrapper for Safari webview. If the SDMB is working for you on Safari, I’d wager the problem is with the app and not anything in your control.

The most convenient way to access the SDMB via mobile is to create a home screen shortcut of it using a standard web browser whose cookies/history you don’t regularly clear. Here’s how to do that on Safari.

Thank you. That actually helped. Someone else said that DiscourseHub was a wrapper around Chrome, so I logged in via Chrome directly but still couldn’t login to DiscourseHub directly. But now, I loaded the site in Safari and once I did that, DiscourseHub started to work.

You’re welcome. That someone else is not wrong. DiscourseHub is a wrapper around Chrome on Android devices and Safari on iOS…more or less. Technically, they’re independent of those browsers but use the same engine.

Thank you for your explanation and assistance.

your humble TubaDiva

No, thank you and the rest of the staff; I’m very happy with this move. As for the mobile app, the board is mobile-ready by design so no biggie.