What app do I need to download to get this board on my phone?

Got a new phone. Forgot which app it is.

Most people just use their usual web browser. Discourse has an app you can use, but I’ve never tried it.

On my iPhone now, using Safari.

Discourse is very friendly to Smart Phone browsers*, an app would only slow it down or add extra overhead at least.

* At least compared to vB.

Discourse is the software that the SDMB is on.

Chrome? Any web browser your mobile device supports?

Well that was easy. First time you go to this site on your phone, it asks if you want to download the app.

Thanks for the input guys.

Tell us how it is! Most of us seem to just be using a browser.

It’s great! I’ve been using it since we moved to the new site. I can’t believe more people aren’t using it. I believe that’s what TPTB told us to do.

Get off my damn lawn!