I gotta say, the mobile interface is so much better

I never liked tapatalk, and the website was worthless on mobile. The discourse Android app seems pretty good so far. I might actually start using SDMB outside of work hours.

I looked for a discourse Android app, and i didn’t see anything that was obviously the official app. What are you using?

It’s called DiscourseHub. Owner is “Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.”


Hmm, it doesn’t look very different from Firefox.

Yeah, looks like the app is basically just an overlay to your web browser. But it’s still 100% better than viewing the old site on mobile.

It looks like ass on my iPhone 11 Max. The formatting doesn’t take into account the speaker/camera location and things get buried so I can’t see either the first few characters or the last few characters of a post, depending on which way I hold my phone.

Also, I can really only see one post at a time because of the tremendous amount of white space present in each post.

Are you in landscape? Just curious, because I’ve never had the urge to browse the web in landscape mode.

Yes, I have the phone turned sideways. I can’t read the text otherwise.

The don’t is bigger now, and it’s pretty easy to read in vertical, now.

When you “+Add your first site”, what is the link you enter?

Grumble grumble 5 minute limit…
Font, not “don’t”

Gd auto correct

Just boards.straightdope.com

Ahhh. Thanks for that. I tried that. I must have had a typo on the first try.

I installed DiscourseHub on my iPhone and after I enter the username and password, I get an error message that I need to enable cookies in my browser. I have cookies enabled, I think, in both Safari and Chrome, but still get the error. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix the issue?

I didn’t need to download anything to have a mobile interface. Just open the three bars, at the bottom it says “mobile interface”. Click it. Poof!

Seems fine to me in my android.

Is it possible to change the font size inside the Android mobile app? I couldn’t find the setting.

That is my biggest issue so far. Tapatalk had a much more readable default font size.

Go to your profile. Select your username, preferences. Use the dropdown on the right, select interface. You can change your default print size.

I’m liking the Android mobile interface a lot, and I really liked Tapatalk. Not using any app.