Can't believe I set myself up for that...

So I am a fratboy, for those of you not aware.

Next weekend my frat is having a party that involves room-to-room cocktails. The entire membership is pitching in to make different drinks.

When asked what I would be providing, I said “Oh, I’ll do dirty girl scouts.”

“Yes, but what drinks will you be making?”

Groan… I’m going to be teased about this for weeks.

All right, I’m going to ask it. What kind of a drink is a “Dirty Girl Scout”?

A filthy one. :wink:

Bailey’s, Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao, and milk.

If you and quietgirl ever make it to Dope-a-Ween, andy, I think she needs to wear a Girl Scout uniform and trashy makeup. :slight_smile:

:shudder: Cut out the alcohol and it sounds like something you’d pay $6 at Starbucks.

Try to convince someone (preferably a newbie drinker) that this one tastes really great with a lime-juice chaser. That will result in something we ingloriously called “the cement mixer” at Penn State.

I prefer my Bailey’s unadulturated (and uncurdled… ICK), but one must cater to the masses.

RT: I’ll suggest it to her the next time that I want to get smacked in the head.

Sounds like it’s in the same park as a California Chocolate Milk:
shot of Creme de Cocoa, shot of rum, shot of Kahlua. Forgive the spelling, please–I quit drinking almost a year ago and thus don’t have the bottles here to copy the titles!

I thought you were a woman. Can women be in frats? Am I the most amazingly unobservant person on this board?

It would put a spin on that lesbian thing, wouldn’t it?

I’m in a coed fraternity; all the members are called brothers. Hence the fratboy. I think it adds mystique to my personality.

tevya, I thought the same thing, then remembered that a friend of mine is in a co-ed frat too…still, it took a second! LOL

tevya, I thought the same thing, then remembered that a friend of mine is in a co-ed frat too…still, it took a second! LOL

Why isn’t it called a co-ed sorority??? Huh? Huh?

Thanks for clearing that up! I had no idea there were co-ed fraternities / sororities.

So then you don’t need to have mixers?

Nope, that’s what makes them neat.

Well, the raging unshorn-legged feminist of me says that I should be called a sister if I want to.

And then the adolescent male side of me says “Fratboy! Woo! Where are the Playboys?”

I don’t find masculine forms being the default setting of language inherently bothersome in most cases. And one must consider that my college has had a grand tradition of coeducation since, well, the early 1970s. :rolleyes: So we’ve got some catching up to do anyway, and worrying about frats being called frats is somewhat down the list when one still has alumnus expressing their displeasure that the school is coed in the first place.

Sign number 4 I’m too much of a grown-up:

I can’t think of a joke (much less a funny one) about a co-ed naked fraternity.

[sub]Remember those “co-ed naked [activity]” shirts? Like coed naked hockey? “On the ice it’s twice as nice” And coed naked hunting? “If you’re going into a bush, bring a big gun”?

Did I just lose you all?[/sub]

I have heard that in the early days of my college the term “sorority” was not in use – all such groups were called “fraternities”, even though we’re a women’s college!

Should I come visit and tell everyone that I am a fratboy? (Where do you go, anyway?)

I’m not sure what my mother is more appalled at now- the frat or the drag thing. Hopefully I’ll stumble upon yet another activity that sends her through the stratosphere.

Maybe a bit of a hijack, but maybe you “fratboys” can answer it. Here, too we have only “fraternities”-mens’, ladies’, and co-ed. People take great exception to being called a “sorority”, but the only explanation that I can get out of it is that the meaning of the terms is different :rolleyes: and the expectations placed on frats and sororities are different. Can anyone explain without completely taking over the thread?