Can't get it out of my head.

Anyone else suffer from the pain of ultra-catchy songs latch onto your brain?

I’m currently suffering from an extreme case of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ by Kylie. (OzDopers and EuroDopers would be quite familiar with Kylie’s work) An oddly appropriate title, I think. Although, the theme to ‘Bob The Builder’ provides some relief from Kylie.

I cannot remember the last time I DIDN’T have a song of some description stuck in my head. Before Kylie got lodged in there, it was a song from an episode of 'Family Guy. The episode itself is the one where the whole world gets blown up thanks to Y2K and the only survivors are the Griffins and a few mutants. Randy Newman’s ‘Left Foot, Right Foot’ song was stuck in my head for WEEKS after seeing that episode!

I still have occasional relapses of Achy Breaky Heart, too.

After writing this, my head is going ‘Can’t get you out of my achy breaky left foot right foot’.


this thread is going to kill itself!

Isn’t it ironic that “Can’t get you out of my head” is the song you can’t get out of your head?

Unless you made it up just to be clever.

Then don’t look at my sig :D.

I prefer “Can’t Get It Out of my Head” by E.L.O.

I’ve had the chorus to “Joe’s Diner” stuck in my head for, oh, six years now. It used to bug me, but now I’m so used to it, I don’t even notice when I catch myself going “Do doot dodo doot dododo…”

the song “what if God was one of us” will latch onto my brain. literally. so if it ever comes up (like someone quoting austin powers), the antidote is to internally sing “foolish games” by jewel. i have no idea why.

er, that would be “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega.

Yeah, that’s what I always recommend whenever anyone says they have a song stuck in their head. It usually drives any other song right out. Of course, you’re left with “Tom’s Diner,” but like Miller mentioned, many of us just have that playing in a constant background loop anyway.

My current worst offender is “Up in Here” by DMX. “Y’all gonna make me act the fool, up in here, up in here, y’all gonna make me lose my cool, up in here, up in here.” Words to live by.

[innocent expression] Can’t you just get them out of your head by humming bar or two of “It’s a small world after all” under your breath? [/innocent expression]

I am right now listening to the chart rundown and am pleased to announce that Kylie is no longer number 1! They just played it and I’m not too sure if I want to hear what is… here it comes… what could possibly be as catchy as “Can’t get you Outta my mind”…

Afro Guys! “Because I got High”…

Yes USdopers, we’re extremely behind here in lil Britain.

B’cause I got 'igh,
B’cause I got 'igh,
Because I got high-aye

la la dat dat da dar!

Has enough of mainstream chart and reaches for something less infectious…

I have solution that works for me. I have an old tape of the ‘laughing’ Elvis, ‘Are You Lonsome Tonight’. Man, he just loses it. Totally.
I’m off to get it now to get the ELO song ‘out of my mind’.

It’s by Afroman. And I thought I’d escaped that one-hit novelty when I arrived in England 2 months ago…only to find out that it’s only just now gotten here! It’s everywhere! arrrggggh…flashbacks of “Who Let the Dawgs Out”!!

–peepthis, who has the song “Last Night” in his head (is that what it’s called, who sings it?)

Lately “Story of a Girl” sticks in my head in the morning because the local station seems to play it three times every hour. It was fine the first thousand times I heard it, but now I curse myself every time I realize I’m humming it.

ferrisgirl,“What if God was one of us”. You meanie, you gave it to me now. I thought I had lost that song and now it’s back. AGHHHH.
Mind you, it’s not as bad as being stuck with “Achy-Breaky Heart”, is it? :smiley: