Get Out Of My Head, Accurs'd Song!

I just did something stupid, but I swear it wasn’t intentional. I took a catchy tune (from a Disney movie, so it’s dripping with saccharine glurge) and my own geeky, half-clever lyrics (*nix-y, so I really love them), and I melded them into one half-formed song that has wedged itself into my very being!


Maybe I’ll get relief if I share it with the Dopers:

I just can’t get the image of happy little shorts going from process to process via steel pipes out of my head. Who knew shell hacking could be so dangerous?

Who else has a song stuck in his skull?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Cyndi Lauper.

Heard it a month ago, and it has yet to cease. :frowning:

As always, the theme to Sealab 2021. It gets stuck in there anytime someone mentions songs being stuck in their heads. So far as I know, it has the power to dislodge any stuck song, but at such a high cost.

{opening thread with much trepidation}

Yep. Constantly. I’ll occasionally filk one up, as well, just for variety’s sake.

Come to think of it, sometimes that’s the only way I can get a particular song out of my head. And then again, sometimes the only way to exorcise the tune is to dig up the tape/CD and listen to the song once. It seems like the song gets stuck in my brain, which is unable to “finish” it. Hearing the end of the tune for real will usually force my brain to end the bloody thing as well.

[sub]After about the 3rd hour of the final chorus repeating without fading out, I’m ready to shell out the bucks to have the musician to come and perform in my living room, just for a little mental peace and quiet.[/sub]

The “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart/ The very next day, you gave it away” song. I hate it, and they’ll be playing it at work. Gahh.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!
His name is my name too!
Whenever we go out, the people always shout
HEY! John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

(repeat ad nauseum)

No! “Get Out Of My Head” is not an accurs’d song! It’s an EXCELLENT song, and Firewater is an EXCELLENT band, and… oh.

Well, anyhow, I remember an annoying case of Twin Peaks tune headstuckies.

My boss just announced at our 9:00 meeting that he couldn’t get “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian” out of his head. We had pity for him. Not much, but still.

Great. Now I have the ELO song stuck.

At least I like it…

From Dirty Dancing, the Kellerman’s theme that they were all singing on stage just before Johnny took Baby out of the corner and took her up on stage to dance. “Join hands and hearts and voices, voices hearts and hands…At Kellerman’s the friendships last long as the mountain stands…” It’s sickening. Really.

Arrgh! All afternoon Saturday I had The Ballad of The Green Berets stuck in my head after hearing it on NPR. (at the end of Jonathan Katz’s mini-show).

Now it’s back. Thanks a lot Derleth!

Okay, time to hum Eleanor Rigby. That usually does the trick.


…He see’s you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he know if you’ve been bad or good…dum da dum dum dum da dum.

You know that new song by Missy Elliot, “Work It” or something like that? The one with the awful, awful lyrics? The one you can’t even sing out loud because of the words and because it has parts played in reverse that make no sense?

It was on my radio as I drove to work this morning. Damn, it’s catchy. I hate it.

The god-forsaken “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” !!
Somebody PLEASE SHOOT ME !!!


See, that’s the danger of starting this type of thread. Someone is bound to mention a song that’s even worse, thereby causing that song to become stuck in your head. I agree with Dave Barry: our brains are trying to drive us crazy.

Right now I have “Kids in America” stuck in my head, but that’s because I just finished listening to it. :slight_smile:

Anybody remember “Whatsamatta You?” Great song. Great song.

…except I think it was called “Shutuppa You Face.”

Ah yes, the version by Joe Dolce comes to mind. :slight_smile:

For me though, it’s that ghodforsaken ditty from Billy Jack, “One Tin Soldier”.

Last week, one of my cow-orker’s changed the lyrics to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” to “Anal Love.” Yeah, I had both of them stuck in my head for a while. Of course, that’s nothing compared to what another cow-orker managed to do, he started singing Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” and got that stuck in my head for days! :eek:

Offering 1.

Disney tunes with twisted lyrics…heaven help me…I wish I didn’t have to share this. We were inspired by a long wait in the boats…

To the tune of “It’s a Small World.”
It will make you sick, it will make you ill.
It will make you mad, you will want to kill.
It will fill you with dread.
You will wish you were dead.
It’s a dumb song af-ter all.

It’s a dumb song after all,
It’s a dumb song after all,
It’s a dumb song after all.
It’s a dumb, dumb, song.

The “cast members” at Walt Disney World do NOT appreciate groups of teenagers singing this on highschool band trips. Really.

Really Really
Offering 2. When Offering 1 refuses to leave your head, you have only to chant “We’re men…we’re men in ti-ights…we roam around the forest looking for fights.”

The Cure. When Offering 2 has driven you totally nuts, you must close your eyes, think of England, and hum one chorus only of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain,” stopping abruptly after “to see what he could see,” and going no further.

See shall be the last word and the last word you hum shall be see.
Forgive me.

The Song of the Moment: Disturbed. “Stupefy!”

HEY! You can get it stuck in your head, too! Just ONE EASY STEP!

Imagine a guy with a cool voice screaming right in your ear:


Okay, maybe not. But it’s an awesome song, and I don’t really mind it being stuck in my head.

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