Can't keep up with slang, or, is anything "stupid fresh" anymore?

In the olden days (pre-MTV, at least), slang was pretty easy to keep up with because you were pretty much limited to the group of people you hung out with. With rap and hip-hop all the rage (still), it seems there’s tons of new slang erupting every day. As soon as you think you have mastered it, it’s outdated and something else has taken its place.

It doesn’t help when one performer (Snoop, I’m looking at you) has his own slang.

Perhaps I’m not supposed to know. Maybe that’s how them young’uns keep secrets from us “old” folks (40+).

Heck, I’m in my early 20s and I already feel like I’m out of the loop!

I’m not even 18 yet and I’m out of the loop. Course I don’t want to be in the loop…
Yes yes I do know some of the slang. But I’m not “hip” and I’m not “with it”

I don’t need to know the latest slang because my friends and I have our own slang but then again so does everybody…even you 40+ people out there.

I think we use the word “Tight” alot to mean good…Not that we made up the word “Tight” but it’s just that their is so much slang that we feel free to pick and choose what suits us regardless of where it came from or how old it is.
The one that we made up was saying “Robert is hanging out at the party” meaning that people were smoking weed at the party. When we would smell someone smoking weed we used to refer to it as a Bob Marley Festival and it eventually evolved into the phrase “Robert is hanging out…”. I heard some R and B singer use Bob Marley to refer to weed but I promise we were using the term before we heard the song. If a word comes along that fits into my vocabulary then I use it and wear it out but if not then I stay away from it, a good example is “Bling Bling” to mean jewelry, I hate that word.

When a slang term appears in a USA Today guide to the new slang, it’s dumped on the slag heap. A few years ago, when they said:
phat=good, and
I thought it was funny that “phat” and “stupid dope” were compliments. For that one week, the fighting words of my childhood were praise! It was fleeting, though. Only the disastrously unhip use words that USA Today says are the latest slang.

At a thanksgiving dinner, I told my nephew his new motorcycle was snazzy.
“What’s snazzy?”
“Oh, kinda like,” I searched my memory for The Latest Slang, “rad.”
He rolled his eyes. I had clearly sprouted a long white beard. A fox’s paw. :eek: Oh, well…