Can't make up my mind, should I get the Toshiba e740 or the iPaq H3835?

On one hand, the e740 has the faster processor, ATI graphics chip, expansion that allows connection to USB devices, wireless connectivity and a much nicer form. But the H3835 has the larger screen, the lower price, the Sega game pack, IBM Via voice, and that extra 6mb of memory.
Which has the best battery life?

I just can’t decide. Do you folks have any suggestions? Maybe I should consider something else?

Bumping just 'cos I’m in the market for a PDA - Palms are obviously less expensive (and I’m not sure how much I’d use my PDA), but seem to be slowly on the way out.

Pocket PCs, however, sure look cool and useful.

Suggestions for us?


Get the 3835. I say this because I sell both devices for a living and the iPAQ has two things going for it:

  1. It has a lot more expandability options than the e740.
  2. The e740 has had defective backup battery issues.

The e740 has the Wireless LAN capability built into it, and it does have a 400 Mhz XScale proccessor built in, but in my experience the performance of the e740 is not that noticably better than a 3835. Also the screen isn’t so good on the e740. One advantage that the e740 has over the 3835 is that it has a removable main battery.

If you want an iPAQ with a 400 Mhz proccessor, go for the 3950. If you want an iPAQ with a 400 Mhz proccessor, WLAN capability built in, and a removable battery, go for the 5450.

I don’t want to spend more than $400. Also, I will be more than likely be buying it used of Ebay , the E740 is going for about $350 there.

My 3850 has been a pretty solid little machine for the last year or so, and I’d recommend it. Haven’t researched the Toshibas, but then I really don’t really care for wireless lan/internet access on it.

should this ever go from Vaporware to hardware i’d get this.