Can't sleep? Maybe you need "spleep"

Would you trust a “life coach” who didn’t know the difference between sleeping and spleeping?

WTF? Why can’t he splell ‘sleep’?

I sent him an email, one word: SPLEEP!

He must have been coding the HTML bold tags by hand, and has tried to save himself some time by copying and pasting the word ‘sleep’ (or ‘spleep’) along with its tags.

That’s awesome.
I love that word!

Sounds like sleep-peeing.

Interestingly, from the Urban Dictionary (and predating the topic link by several years):

This is weird

It’s well known that if you don’t get enough spleep, eventually you’ll pass out and require an amberlamps to get you to the hostipble.

^ THAT was awesome. :D:cool:

I wish I could spleep.

I go spleep now.

Perhaps you mean the ambliance, which you can see arriving, through your binocliars.

When I drink too much I seem to have a problem with sploop. :frowning:

To spleep, perchance to dmream,
Ay, there’s the rub.

I can’t believe no one’s posted this quote from Fawlty Towers yet:

Long, long before UrbanDictionary was a twinkle in the Internet’s eye.

I was trying to figure out why all the misspellings were bolded. It looked like someone had taken a page off the net and highlighted the repeated screw-up to show how bad it was, but from the URL, it looked like that was the page in its original context.

My first guess was a search-and-replace gone wrong, but there are other examples of the word in its correct spelling on the page - they just aren’t bold - so I think he’s decided he wants to emphasise the word ‘sleep’, so he’s typed <b>spleep</b> once, then copied it, and pasted (with modifiers a~ and ~ing here and there), but apparently without ever noticing the original typo.

For some reason, the whole page just cracks me up completely.

It’s a silent p.

I have to leave my house in 15 minutes to go to an important interview and I am currently crying with laughter. Thank God I hadn’t done my make up yet.

Let’s see if that improves his text.

Hmm. You may be on to something, unoqllads.