Can't you people tell when someone is unable to learn from their mistakes?



if this means “never mind” I DO mind. don’t go to the trouble of posting and then back out.

post ON! :cool:

Maybe he learned from his mistake.

Yes we can, and we mock them.

Next question?

Who you callin “you people”?


Who YOU callin’ “you people”?

You people, 'course!

If us people always learned from our mistakes, then where would we be? Huh?

Is this Romney-related? If not, I’ve lost interest.

Over there by the gazebo.

What did I do now?

Can someone send me some money because I’m a lazy bastard?

Jesus Fucking Christ, Lute, you very seriously need to stop posting this shit. I don’t have anything against you; I’m just saying you are fucking up and even if you offer lame excuse #3297, that doesn’t cut it, and even if you are legally retarded, you have to know this. You are not going to garner any sympathy, whatsoever, so there is absolutely no reason for you to do this. Are you looking for a mercy banning?

I shoot the gazebo.

It doesn’t shoot back, it’s a gazebo !

Is it looking in our direction?

bulbous bouffant

It’s not looking anywhere, it’s a gazebo !