Cantrip, Stuffinb and thinksnow. . . explain yourselves!

To a person that had to have it explained to her that: he “cant hear ya” and the other one wasn’t a “Sea Lemon”. I was here a month before someone said "I finally get your name Sue Duynem (sorry for mangling the spelling) before I realized there was something to get!

So is it that you can’t rip or can trip? Is there stuff in your b’s or are you stuffing Bees? Are you thinking now or thinking about snow?

Help me fight my own ignorance!

TS has said before that it’s think snow.

I believe a cantrip is a type of magical spell… that could be where Cantrip’s name comes from. At least in the D&D world it’s a type of spell.

I knew hanging out with those gamers would be useful!

I would like to take this time to explain that my username is really incredibly clever shorthand for “and why girl?” a metaphorical question which addresses my gender, my self-questioning philosophy, and my sexual orientation.

The answer, of course, being “why not?”

[awed voice]I made it at last! My name in lights. I was begining to feel like the Charlie Brown of dopers. Ah, I feel like a real Doper now. First I’d like to thank…[/awed voice]
My IRL name is Stephen pronounced Steffin (my Mom wanted a girl). In school a lot of people called me variations of Stuffin, so I kinda adopeted it. B represents my last name.

Sounds kinda dull now that I re-read that.

Ok stuff is …

and y girl? See, I always thought she was andy girl, like her nickname was andy.

Just in case you were wondering I’m a big girl.

Damn, I thought you were a bi ‘g’ girl. Whatever a ‘g’ girl is. :wink:

[sub]I was kidding.[/sub]

I gotta go with Rasa on this, in thinking it is a reference to a small, harmless magical spell (Cantrip, that is.)
I know it is referred to in D&D, but I think it does have a basis in real lore.

If only Cantrip would show himself (I’m assuming he’s a he, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Phew! Thought I was in trouble for something, but wasn’t sure since this isn’t the Pit!

Gunslinger is, of course, correct. I love snow. Love everything about it: skiing, snowboarding, sweaters, hot chocolate, snuggling, fire places, driving in it(but not the other idiots on the road) and just standing at the top a mountain hearing nothing but the gentle wisp of falling snow…<ahhhhh!> Heck, I’m almost 28 and not two months ago I jumped out of my car and made a snow angel while stuck in traffic!

I’m always surprised, though, when I go to a new site to register and my name is taken! I’ve been forced to use th1nksnow and thinksn0w a number of times :frowning: