Caprica...the Battlestar Galactica prequel series.

No, seriously.

Check it out here:


Sounds interesting…if not a little too early. I mean…at least let the original finish, but this is Sci-Fi. They’d make a spin-off of anything.

I fear it’s too early. SciFi is going to kill the show by going all CSI on it with a billion spinoffs. Next we’ll have Law & Order: BSG Victims Unit or something. Hopefully not, but it seems the common progression of shows.

Huh. Could be neat but I don’t think now is the time. I loves me some BSG, but I haven’t found Ron Moore to be so gifted that he can do two shows at the same time. BSG falls flat for me maybe one episode out of four. I’d rather see his creative energies fed back into the show I love.

Okay, I’m sick – I have a doctor’s note to prove it. But Persons unknown would be a killer reality show. Drug people and strand them somewhere – don’t let them know whats up, film and televise it.

It’s brilliant.

Too bad it’s fiction.

Caprica sounds interesting, if not a bit too soap opraish. (Two powerful families. . .)

Sounds like there’s some interesting original stuff (and some crap) but at least they’re trying again.

…I think it sounds really terrible. It’s not at all what I want from a BSG spin off. As a mini-series it might be interesting but I would have little to no interest in it as an ongoing.

I’m in agreement now. I’ve thought it over the past day or so and I have to say…it will probably suck.

Hopefully I’ll be eating crow soon.

It sounds stupid.

If I were going to make a spin-off of battlestar galatica, it would be the series from a different viewpoint, perhaps from those on one of the civilian ships(Perhaps the one where the marines accidently killed those civilians)

I see this idea as more of a mini-series. It really doesn’t have the sweep or depth to function as an on-going series. We all know what happened when Joss Whedon tried to do two series at once. :frowning:

I thought a “re-imagined” BSG was going to suck, but quickly saw it’s far, far better than a sequel would have likely ended up being.

I’ll give this one a shot.

If this is a miniseries then we might get to see Jamie Bamber as young Bill Adama. We also may finally get to see colonies other than Caprica.

Bleh. I don’t have enough faith in Ron Moore he could handle two shows. It involves “techno-action?” Ron Moore sucks at techno-anything.

Get Joss Whedon to do it, I’ll watch.

This idea has potential.

Potential to be great — potential to be not so great — potential to distract Moore from the show he already has and reduce them both to mediocrity.

I’ll watch, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Best case, Galactica will be joined by a sister show of equal quality, and we viewers will caper for joy on a weekly basis.

Worst case… I don’t want to think about it.

You’d think the quality of other Sci-Fi prequels, like the execrable Star Wars I-III, and the pathetic Star Trek “Enterprise”, would teach some people that milking a good franchise sours the drink and chaffes the creative tits something fierce.

You got a pretty good thing going, Moore & Co. Distinguish yourselves by not fucking it up for a change.

Man coffee stings a bit when it comes out the nose. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least if it’s terrible we can always call it “Craprica”

Honestly, Jamie Bamber and Edward James Olmos look nothing alike to me, so I hope they cast someone else. Also, Jamie Bamber better be too busy with BSG to do this series!

I’m not going to say anything negative until I see the show. There’s no way I won’t watch, at least the first 5 eps, before I assume it’s going to suck.

Meh. I like BSG well enough that I’ll give it a shot, but I’d rather see a spinoff that portrays the current BSG timeline from the Cylon point of view. A lot of my interest in BSG stems from the fact that both sides of the conflict can be portrayed sympathetically. Of course, this couldn’t be done without destroying a lot of the unknowns in the current series, so it would have to wait until near the conclusion of the series.

Far be it from me to say this is made up, but’s website contains an article about their new fall schedule that doesn’t mention “Caprica” at all, and AICN seems to be the only source for the press release proffered above. Until I see something a little more official, I can’t say I believe this is for real.

It could very well be total crap story, but it wouldn’t be out of character for the SciFi channel (whose controlling stake in the BSG franchise isn’t something I’m very familiar with, admittedly).

I think somewhere around season 3 I started watching SG1, and continued semi-regularly into maybe season 5 before I got bored. I tune in occasionally these days while channel-surfing in my home gym. I really have no idea what’s going on anymore, but SG1 appears to have taken the idea of “jumping the shark” and turned it into its own form of entertainment, kind of like a circus act. They’ve even raided other defunct SciFi series to fill out their cast, the new characters being virtual clones of the actors’ portrayals in the aforementioned cancelled series. Meanwhile, if that arc wasn’t depleted enough, they created an entirely new series, “Atlantis”, which appears to be quite the retread, even sticking a guy with a Scottish accent in there to worry out loud in Gaelic tones about there “nah bein’ annah time ta save 'er” or whatever.

No, SciFi reanimating creatively undead ideas to make another buck wouldn’t be a surprise at all. They’re no different than any other network that way.

It takes a while to develop a series. Didn’t Galactica’s shortened season one premiere in January, not the fall?

I’d keep an eye on RDM’s blog on No doubt he’s going to be swamped with concerned questions from fans, and the best way to assuage the anxiety is to respond there, directly to viewers, rather than through a press release or something.