Captain and Tennille Divorcing!


I remember their song from my childhood. They’ve been married as long as I’ve been alive. Why bother now?

*I know people get divorced, not a real question.

Maybe some sweet-talkin’ girl came along, singing a song.

I recall articles about them separating back in the 80’s. i guess they got back together.

It can’t be easy being married to someone you tour with.

My parents were fans. I will never forgive them for Muskrat Love. Worst damned song ever recorded.

This is the worst thing to happen since Donny and Marie discovered crack cocaine.

next thing you know Tony Orlando and Dawn are going to break up

Well unless things have changed, Tony Orlando cannot sing “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” because of a legal dispute. So they might as well break up.

Yeah, but the only thing worse is touring with someone you used to be married to. Just ask ABBA!

I loved that song.

They must be having major problems.

Generally speaking.

mustscratch love …

love will not keep us together …

I still fondly remember their TV show.

Ugggh, great, thanks for mentioning that. Now I can’t get that tune outta my head.

Wonder how much they’ll keep private.

Gag me.

But they’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet! Will they do a reunion if they’re inducted?

As much as they can warrant.

Do that to me one more time.

Don’t do that to me one more time -

Once was more than enough with a ‘man’ like you…