"Car Talk" Credits

Greetings from another “Newbie”. Screenname “b_anthracis”, on account of the fact I used to work in QC for the folks who manufactured Anthrax Vaccine (please, no rants!) - but in “real” life my parents stuck me with the moniker “Andy”. :slight_smile:

I have been a big fan of the NPR Saturday morning program “Car Talk”, and have always enjoyed the end credits they provide - my parents even went so far as to buy me the tie they offer online at “cars dot com” (sorry - I’m also relatively new to the wonderful world of the “www”…too dense to learn about inserting a link to the site. Any helpers??). What I am hoping is that all my fellow “Dopers” will be able to expand upon the list provided by NPR to me. I’ll start us off:

“Our director of programs for working mothers - Heraszmus B. Draggin”
“Our official seat-cushion tester - Mike Easter”
“Our marine biologist - Frita Wales”
“Our mother-in-law Liaison - Stella Pane-Diaz”

Any takers? :confused: My apologies if I have posted in the wrong arena: having read the Straight Dope link for many moons, I am hoping this is the proper forum for my inquiry. Thank you so much; it is definitely an honor to be here!!


Two of my favorites are:

Director of Shrimp Buffet: Sheldon deVaind

Director of Precison Quality Control: Nat Sass
One which I suggested they add (but never did):

Staff Urologist: Urethra Franklin

My urologist acquaintance (hard to call a guy who has a poster with a huge label “penises of the animal kingom” friend! :smack: ) would certainly appreciate that one. I did think of a few more since the initial post, too:

“Father-in-law Liaison - Royal Pain-Diaz”
“Our Russian Limousine driver - Pikov Andropov”
“The Medeterranian weather forecaster - Cesar Choppy”

Also, my sincere thanks to you, jebert, for the Quality Control title - I’ve been working in that field for roughly ten years. :smiley: It fits!

The whole list can be found here. (anthracis, quote this post to see how it’s done**.)

I’ve submitted these but they haven’t been accepted:

Curator, antique vehicle collection - Mihorngo Aruga
Motion Picture Director, UK division - Orson Wales
Director, Recall Notifications - Jack DiScarsa Lemmon
Jewelry Supplied By - DeGears

Ooh! Painful ignorance alert! Mr. Olson, if it is possible for you to view my “outside-a-da-message-board” e-mail, perhaps it would be best for you to provide me instruction. I tried the little “quote” doo-hickie; tried it with a cut-n-paste, also with the “post-number” provided by the web-server, and I ended up only with the first line of text you provided. Nevertheless, in the interest of perserverance (sp?), I shall now quote that first line in an official-like-post…

Thank you very, VERY much for helping me out - God knows I need all I can get!!

And then I found the “Reply” button. Oy :rolleyes: . Chalk it up to the “New User” - I can only pray I’ll be a quick learner.

Thanks again!

My favorite Car Talk staffer is Statistician Marge Innoverra. :smiley: