Care to flesh that out, Bosda?

In this now-closed thread, Bosda stupidly opines:

Bosda, you seriously need some ignorance eradication.

First things first. I’ll allow the good citizens of Los Angeles to opine for themselves. Here in New York, we “loons” are keenly aware of and quick to notice murders for political purposes. See, it happened here recently. If you’re unaware of it, I can provide a link.

Perhaps you are referring to our other, non-political, crime rate. You are factually incorrect – more ingorance to be eradicated. See, here’s the thing. Absent the ~3000 folks murdered in the service of a political point, we’re probably safer than your town, doubtless a good place embarassed solely by your association with it.

To sum up, if you are in a logging town, fuck you with a chainsaw. If in a fishing town, fuck you with a live pollock. A steel town? Fuck you with a freshly-extruded I-beam. A university town? Well, you get the point. Fuck you with something unpleasant to get fucked with.

You are shit. Asshole.

Sarcasm Detector failed again, huh, Manny? :smiley: Gotta keep it on the charger, dude, when you’re not on the Boards…


And this is the first time someone has maligned the good name of Gotham?

Taking a cheap shot at the Big City ain’t exactly droll commentary, but I’d think a big city sophisticate like yourself would be used to it by now.

Manhatten, don’t you think you’re being a wee bit precious about this? Now, not being too obsessed with previous postings (so, not sure if this is a pet-stereotype of Bosda’s), his comment seemed to me to be somewhat tongue-on-cheek. Thus your reaction strikes me as being a tad over-the-top.

Care to expand upon your ire??

Oh, we’re used to it. But he’s too far away to see our traditional salute, or even hear our traditional cheer.

So this has to suffice in a pinch.

And on that note, my pillow and I have a hot date, so I’m outta here.

Besides, everyone knows that there are laws against murder in LA, so that means there isn’t any.

I don’t know about New York, though. Maybe they only have strong suggestions against murder?

So, anytime someone takes a cheapshot, and someone else responds to it, the responder is the immature one? Maybe if the response is off the wall, but I think Manny did a decent job of it. Except that last bit. This is the pit, so swearing and insulting are expected, so make it good.

As the mods have explained again and again, the Pit is not about swearing and insulting, but about passion. Here, one may argue one’s point with a greater intensity than one may in other fora. Perhaps you were absent the first time, or even the twentieth time this was explained. Perhaps you have seen the explanation, but lacked the comprehension skills necessary to sublimate the knowledge. Or maybe you simply lack the social skills and maturity necessary to grasp any exposition of an ethical imperative more complex than “shut up!” Or could it be that you know what you’re doing and just want to troll? Maybe it’s your manifest obsession in life to twist instructions of moderators in a vain attempt to confuse everyone else. Hell, I dunno. Maybe you’re some sort of shit eating little prepubescent brat who wants to play like a grownup on his computer while mommy’s not watching. Maybe you’re smearing your feces on the screen right now, giggling and chanting, “Look at the fucking stupid people eating my shit!” :eek: Maybe you have a fucking hole in your head. Maybe you’re just some old ass licking fop, looking to get your jollies by CRAWLING UP OUR COLLECTIVE RECTUMS and PLANTING ENEMAS MADE OF WORDS. :frowning: THE PIT IS NOT ABOUT CURSING AND INSULTS, YOU IGNORANT SHIT SUCKING BAG OF VOMIT! :mad: WHY DON’T YOU STOP WEARING YOUR DICK ON YOUR SHOULDERS AND WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! The Pit is about passion.

More tea Vicar?

Or, maybe I just hate big cities with a passion; having lived in several, & finding them all intolerable and unfit for human inhabitation. The larger, the worse.

And that justifies a shitty cheap-shot…?

C’mon, manhattan, I’m sittin’ right here. Why did you need to bring me into the middle of this?


And what conclusion do we usually reach about people who draw conclusions based solely on personal observations and a small sample size?

C’mon, Bosda. You post your town’s crime stats per capita, and I’ll post mine.

ROFL! I almost went with the self-deprecating remark there, but passed for fear the Pitizens would lower my score.

Um… aren’t they larger because they have more inhabitants? The more human habitants they have the less fit for human habitation? (and here I’m simply assuming that your “human inhabitation” was just a typo.)

OK, Jack. Here it is.
Can’t give a link, because the local paper’s site is subscription-only. Here’s some data–

*s indicated paragraphs remove to prevent copyright infringement.
OK Manny. You try. For the same year, please.

Well, what’s the population of Murfreesboro? I mean, knowing there were 2,187 cases of assault isn’t that useful unless we know how many people have the potential of being assaulted…:slight_smile:

whew. At least he didn’t mention chicago.

Murfreesboro, 68,816

As per 2001.
Jeeves couldn’t find the '99 figures.
This does not include suburbs.
Message for the easily confused or ethically challenged–I am not claiming that Murfreesboro is a major city.

My critics are mere ultra-monkeys, unfit to cling to the hem of my garb.

PS–I was born in Chicago.

jesus christ, manny. why must you take a shot against new york so personally? bad day at the office? looks like youre just spoiling for a fight. go pick on december, or the ryan, or somebody like that.