Care to flesh that out, Bosda?

and you consider our city unihabitable? I’d rather grow another head than live anywhere else.

Are we talking Murfreesboro, TN? Because I’ve spent some time there. I’d rather take the small risk of getting shot in the head here in Chicago than have to live in WhiteBreadWalMartsBoro. But hey, whatever butters your buns.

Oh shit, jarbaby, that’s all we need are two heads to rant with! :smiley:

You have my sincere condolences on living in a place so backward that your most recent crime statistics are three years old. What’s the problem - Barney Fife lose his casebook again? And a newspaper article? You seem to have discovered the concept of the internet - perhaps you should walk downtown and tell Andy
about it. I’ll decline your invitation to discuss ancient history (although the stats are in my link if you care to dwell on such things). Either way, you failed to do the per capita calculations (Did you miss that the first time around, or did the Latin throw you off?). Interesting that you should be so cagey about where you live - embarrassed much?

At any rate, according to the NYPD, here are the 2001 figures. The do not include, of course, the murders for political purposes you are so convinced would go unnoticed in the city. Which, rest assured, they did not.

Murder: 643
Rape: 1,917
Robbery: 27,865
Assault: 22,996
Burglary: 32,676
Grand Larceny: 46,151
Auto thefts: 29,615

Going into the year, there were 8,000,000 stories in the naked city (actually, 8,008,278), so the rates per thousand were:

Murder: .080292
Rape: 0.239377
Robbery: 3.479525
Assault: 2.871529
Burglary: 4.080278
Grand Larceny: 5.762912
Auto Thefts: 3.698048

Now keep in mind that we’re a destination. In addition to our 8 million full-time residents, we have additional people working here. The daytime population of Manhattan alone is around 11 million (give or take the ~80,000 jobs displaced recently). And we hosted 32 million tourists. Yeah, that says 32 million. The prior year, we hosted over 37 million. So cut those per-capita figures by some appropriate amount. (In fairness, it might also be fair to increase the auto thefts per capita, on account of I believe that the private automobile ownership rate is lower here than in most places, but I’ll let others back that up if they care to.)

Perhaps these numbers are too big for your little mind to comprehend. Let’s zero in on my home precinct. I live in the tenth, which has a population of 65,668, about the size of your town. We host a huge multiple of that in visitors and tourists each and every weekend. We host about 2 million each for Gay Pride and Halloween alone. Know how many murders we had last year? One. So far this year? None. Not one. We also had fewer assaults (139), despite the large gay population which draws drunk outsiders in from out of town to engage in some gay-bashing. Fewer cars stolen, fewer thefts, fewer burglaries. Less crime than Murfreesboro. Get it yet, genius?

Look - everyone has preferences, and life in the big city ain’t for everyone (I couldn’t do L.A., for instance). But to assert that we’re a bunch of “loons” who wouldn’t notice political killers is simply ignorant.

So, once again, to sum up: You are an idiot. Not only are you ignorant about my town, you are apparently ignorant about yours. Given the lack of information, as best I can tell your town has no discernible industry at all, so you’ll have to make up something with which to fuck yourself.

Ya know, as soon as Bosda said this:

I had a feeling a big can of pork ‘n’ stats was about to be opened.

Good serve from Bosda, excellent return and net charge from manny.

Looks like manny’s playing a volley game now–better see if you can slip one past him, Bosda, or he’ll Sampras the next one down your throat . . .


I’d take a Sampras down the throat.
Any day

Me too.


and how! (mmmmm, hairy thighs)

Well, I’ve been to NYC and Murfreesboro, and Bosda is full of it. Small townshave the same problems as big cities, but they lack the reources to deal with them.

NYC has restaurants serving cuisine from every nation on the planet. You can get Ethiopian, Korean, Dominican, Jamaican, Brazilian cuisines, just to name a few, plus you even have restaurants that specialize in regional cuisines, like Punjabi or Neopolitan.

Murfreesboro has the Bangkok Cafe.

NYC has Broadway, off-Broadway, cabarets, and a galaxy of smaller theaters, not to mention ballet, opera, and other theatrical venues.

Murfreesboro has cable.

NYC has the Frick, the Whitney, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History, to name a few.

Murfreesboro has the Sam Davis House. Oops, that’s in Smyrna.

NYC has direct flights to nearly every nation on the planet, many of which are affordable through courier flights and ticket consolidators.

Murfreesboro has the Greyhound to Johnson City.

NYC has NYU, Fordham, Columbia, Juilliard, and other world-renowned universities and colleges.

Murfreesboro has Middle Tennessee State University.

NYC is a wonderland of entertainment, one of the world’s premier cities, open 24/7.

Murfreesboro is the Rutherford county seat.

I’ll take NYC, LA, and even Chcicago over your bucolic, sleepy little burg anyday.

So, best we can tell, Murfreesboro crimes, per 1000 persons:

Murder: 0.02906
Assault: 31.78040 (!!)
Burglary: 5.42025
Auto theft: 3.63288
Simple theft: 37.98535 (!!)

Other crimes indeterminate. Compare to Manny’s numbers, and you have:

Murder: NYC is the place, by a fair bit.
Assault: Murfreesboro is the place to get beat-up, by a huge margin.
Burglary: Murfreesboro wins again.
Auto Theft: Close, but NYC takes a slight edge.

The other catagories are indeterminate, barring more detailed crime stats from Murfreesboro, but it’s begining to look like mid-sized towns aren’t all that safe, after all.

What Bosda didn’t tell you is that in a mere three days of naked violence, over twenty thousand people were killed and injured in and around the sleepy little burg of Murfreesboro.

Yep, you read that correctly. Here’s a citation.

Just doing my part to keep the waters muddied.

Moreover, think of all the movies, TV shows, and plays that have set in and filmed in NYC

*Men In Black
New York, New York
The Godfather
Mean Streets
West Side Story

Everybody Loves Raymond
The Sopranos * Well, technically, it’s New Jersey, but close enough

Altogether, there are 2,741, productions filmed in NYC acording to the IMDB. IMDB also said, “The search pattern Murfreesboro for Filming Locations matched nothing.” Hmmm.

St. Johns, Barnard, and CCNY, too. Heck, the names that DON’T come off the top of your head are still top-notch schools.

Bar fights? :smiley:

It was the “spoiler” that got you revved, huh?

Oh, BTW–Barney is in West Virginia. There’s this concept of “learning to use a map”. You gotta look into that, sometime buckaroo. Along with “telling the difference between reality & television”, that is.

And, let’s talk “quality of life”.

Your hell hole-I mean “city”, is a noisy, overcrowded, semi-illerate bughouse.
According to the stats I was able to dig up with Jeeves, 23% of New Yorker have a Bachelor’s degree or better.
Murfreesboro has a 27% rate.

High School graduates–Murfreesboro has a 77% graduation rate.
New York, a mere 68%.

The average citizen of “Mayberry” is better educated than the typical “Big Apple” layabout.
I remind all & sundry that the SDMB is about “Fighting Ignorance”. These little figures should count for something.

The NYC median family income is $34,360 , as derived from here:

Murfreesboro–$35,633 as stated here:
Here is a table to compares the two communitires:
Compare Two Cities Results

Finance & Economies

  • New York,New York /Murfreesboro,Tennessee **
    Cost of Living
    higher value = higher cost of living (100 = national average) 364/
    Sales Tax Rate
    total sales tax 8%/** 8% **
    State Income Taxes
    state income taxes based on $50,000 income, married, two kids $1,946/ $0 **
    Local Income Taxes
    local income taxes based on $50,000 income, married, two kids $1,342 /
    Job Growth
    Percentage change in employment for 1998 * 0.02* /*Unavailable **
    Unemployment Rate
    % unemployed in 1998 7.6 /3.6 **
    Median Family Income
    median family income * $34,360
    $35,633 **

Real Estate New York,New York /Murfreesboro,Tennessee
Home Purchase Cost
average cost of 2,000 sq ft home $820,000 /$138,000 **
Property Tax
average annual property tax for 2,000 sq ft home $15,580 /
$1,932 **
Electricity Cost
monthly electricity cost for 2,000 sq ft home $116/** $41 **

And, BTW–we’re not a bedroom community. Manufacturing, education, & yes… agriculture. If that last one is funny to you, go without eating for a month, & see if it is still funny.

You can own a nicer house, pay less taxes, be less crowded, & have better educated neighbors “down South” than in the Rotten Apple.

Your turn, Manny , you little rascal, you.By “Little Rascal”, I mean Manhattan’s hair resembles a cross between Alfalfa’s & Buckwheat’s.

Just like you Yankees–always dragging the Civil War into everything. :smiley:

Good one Sofa.

Greek fraternity houses. We’re a college town.

Bosda, while Don Knotts was born and raised in West Virginia, Barney Fife and the rest of the Mayberry folk resided in North Carolina.

Shouldnt you boys go fight about which is better - apples and oranges?

oranges suck ass

The Andy Griffith Show is for the hoi polloi , & is therefore unworthy of my attentions.
The hoi polloi, you know…Manny. :smiley:

Welcome to the Pit, Mann-fred. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the point (If I’m reading this correctly) is that just because you don’t like a certain place (like NYC or LA) doesn’t give you free reign to insult the inhabitants of that place.

When did just being nice to other people become such a challenge? Seriously. I’d love to see some of the things I read on the boards said in real life, face to face. Then again, I love a good chair swinging, glass smashing bar fight, too.

While it seems like a little thing, sometimes those little things add up and get right on your last fucking nerve, you know?

Easy way to see the difference between insulting a group of people and stating preference? Here ya go!


Not rude, just an opinion that says “I don’t like big cities”

Newsflash: Not everyone in a big city is crazy and not everyone in a small town is a toothless redneck.

Just IMHO.