CarnalK suspension

CarnalK has been suspended from posting for 30 days. His behavior did not improve after receiving four warnings within a brief period:

Previous warnings exist as well. A review of his recent posting history revealed a nearly exclusive focus on criticizing the board and/or other posters.

This decision was reached after review by both moderators and administrators. CarnalK was advised by e-mail, along with a final warning that his behavior must not continue when he allowed to post again.

for the SDMB

Well, I commend you all for attempting a modification of the policy to include a broader range of options (I am assuming that this reflects such a move) in addition to banning. I hope that it works out well for both the members and administration.

I’m pleased to see a suspension being used. I hope he takes the opportunity to think. Might I also suggest that the title read SUSPENDED rather than BANNED?

Worked pretty much for me. I even reupped.

But then I only criticized him whose name must not be spoken.

What causes some posters to be suspended and others banned?

Suspension is new. My guess, and it is only a wild guess, is that suspension will be applied to those posters who appear to have redeemable qualities.

The idea was suggested by posters, was endorsed fairly universally and struck the staff as reasonable as well. We’re still tightening the nuts and checking the bolts, and the ‘suspended’ title is one of them. Agreed, it’s not really accurate so we’re working on it.


I think I have now put “Suspended” as his title.

This is the first time we’re trying a suspension. Basically, it will happen if we think the poster will see the error of his/her ways with a brief “time out.”

Esprix was suspended by Lynn for Joke Pitting. But, I don’t remember what his member title said during that time, whether BANNED or SUSPENDED.

Can you please put “Suspender” as yours? I like suspenders.

Excellent decision to allow for alternatives to complete bannings!


Dare I say **CarnalK[b/] has been suspended for being unlawful?

Asshat? We had one a few years ago for about fifteen minutes. I hear somebody got a screenshot, but I never saw it.

Only if he had knowledge.

I’m assuming that’s what the K is for. :slight_smile:

I can’t recall. Concrete, or one of his socks, had TOO STUPID FOR WORDS.


A tribute

Personally, I think “Hanging by a Thread” would have more pizzazz.

It was Otto. Lynn got in trouble for it.

Holy Crap! This is the best change I’ve ever seen to the boards!

The suspension idea is awesome…I applaud the folks who run this place.