Carradine Conspiracy...

OK, I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but I did a quick search and didn’t find a previous thread. Now, I read Cecil’s article on autoerotic asphixiation, and it didn’t answer my question. According to some sources, David Carradine was found with a string around his neck, and another around his junk. I get the purpose of the first, but what was the second string for, assuming the reports are accurate? It doesn’t seem like that’s needed for the act.

Maybe to keep “Lil David” stiff enough to complete the act (which from some reports, he did).

It’s an improvised cock ring, trapping the blood in the penis, improving (or creating) an erection.

I mention that I haven’t heard so much newscaster use of the word penis since the Bobbitt brohaha.

Conspiracy? I don’t think so. Whoever said that was giving you a cock-and-ball story.

While they didn’t mention ‘penis’, the last I heard of the Bobbit broohaha was when Elena Bobbit was terribly injured in a car accident when she was forced off the road.

Apparently, some dick cut her off.

[hijack]Okay, I have to ask this . . . . Given the diverse user population here, is there anyone who’s willing to admit to have tried AEA and explain what’s so great about it that people would run what seems like a fairly significant chance of DYING? How great can it be? And – putting aside the morality and aesthetics of the matter – the man was in freaking BANGKOK, THAILAND, and couldn’t figure out a reasonably-hot, reasonably-safe, alternative form of gratification?[/hj]

That’s why I like keeping matters in my own hands.

An update:

The family’s story would have more plausibility (what am I talking about, no it wouldn’t) but for the bit toward the end where it points out that his ex-wife accused him of unspecified but “potentially deadly” perversions in her divorce papers over six years ago.

This is all a diversion.

Chuck Norris did him in. Roundhouse kicks to the groin and throat killed David. Chuck strung him up to mask the bruising evidence before the guy even hit the ground.

I also read in today’s local paper that he had a string around his wrist. What purpose would that serve?

I have read articles in he past where other people (one famous) have died from asphyxiation after a similar attempt.

Here’s a note I read on another message board from a medical examiner who has seen victims of this sort before:

“…a common set up is a noose tied to a rope that encircles the base of the scrotum. The noose rope is *tied to the left wrist *which is held behind the back, leaving the right hand free (if he was right handed). The left wrist is free to move and adjust the tension on the neck. Now commonly, this is done while standing in a closet with the rope draped over the cross bar where you hang clothing and pornographic material spread out on the floor in front of the individual. Kids, please don’t try this without adult supervision.”

Michael Hutchence, former lead singer of INXS.

Some people take the phrase “choke the chicken” a bit too literally…TRM

There was also a British MP found dead in this manner. That was … what? Maybe 10 years ago?

What, again? (Re: Lone wolf McQuade)

Yes, from the lawyer who brought you “Laci Peterson was kidnapped by Satanists!”, we now have “David Carradine was killed by ninjas!”.How convincing and believable.

And the plot thickens

A true Hollywood mystery death!

Except minus the mystery. I do sympathize with the family. I don’t know which is “worse,” to have people think your family member committed suicide, or died in some perverted sex act. Just don’t let the family, for the sake of denial or a completely-unfeasible attempt to cover this up, try to gin up some foul-play scenario that will distract police from real crimes.

Well, now I’ve seen the photo of Carradine’s hanging body that appeared on the front page of the Thai Rath daily Thai-language newspaper. And I’ve seen a leaked autopsy photo. I don’t think I’ll be posting those.

The autopsy photo is post-procedure obviously, as he’s been sewn back up. It’s only a torso shot, so you have to take it on faith it’s him, but his tattoos and rings are probably proof enough.