Kung Fu's David Carradine Dies

He was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room. Officials say he died of natural causes…but would ‘death via the Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique’ even be detectable? He was 72.

Well darn. I was about to comment on his taking the Night Train to Mundo Fine but that was his dad. Um, well, I guess that’s a little bit frightnin’, but this was done with expert timin’.

I just noticed him in the promo for next week’s “Mental”. IMDB lists several other projects coming out this year. Active til the end.

Well, I know One person who isn’t kung fu fighting…


I only know him from Kill Bill, but he was awesome in that.

Time for you to go. :frowning:

Farewell, Grasshopper. Thanks for the memories.

“Natural” in that it’s natural to die after you’ve been hanged, anyway.

I hope it wasn’t suicide, which is what is being reported now.

This article says he was found hanging.

Very sad news.

I said this in the Death Pool thread, but I met him once in 2001. He was very friendly and charming, and had a million great stories about his career. I’m very sad to hear about the circumstances of his death (what little is known), and makes me wonder if he recently got some bad health news or something like that.

Natural causes??


Sorry: Faulty preview. I thought there had been only one post

David Carradine has a new film coming out.

Hung Fu

(Actually, I’m sorry to hear the news. But I couldn’t resist.)

These reports always make me feel so old! I remember him from when I was a little kid, I don’t feel like a kid anymore, but I don’t feel like I’m old enough for so many people from my youth to be passing on.

Sounds like he did a Michael Hutchence.

ETA: the BBC article has been edited. When I first saw it, it said the rope was around his neck and genitals. Now it just says “and body”.

I am a huge, almost fanatical fan of the Kill Bill movies and was so sad to hear this. Especially that he may have killed himself.

RIP Bill. :frowning:

Can’t believe he would kill himself. His career was probably hotter than it’d been in 30 years.

Yeah, I saw that as well. Now it says “and other parts of his body”.

Bound for Glory is my favorite of his performances. Woody Guthrie was a perfect role for his low-key acting style, and it was nice to see that his recent career resurgence seemed to be embraced by him with modest grace instead of letting it go to his head.


David has hit the #1 slot of places and ways I do not want to be found dead.
:eek: & :o