Kung Fu's David Carradine Dies

When I first saw the news my first thought was, “well at least they’ll finally have to replace him on CSI Miami.” Then I realized i was getting David Carradine and David Caruso confused.

No good can come of David Carradine dying…rip.

So, maybe some auto-erotic-asphixia or whatever they call it?

Just damn.

RIP, Grasshopper.

Link to revelant Cecil column.

Um, I take this back, now knowing some details of his demise. Ew.

Well, I was going to say “Wow…one night in Bangkok DOES make a strong man humble.” but yours is better.

Sad news, I shouldn’t make light of it.


Hmmm, I’m hoping not too relevant. The dude was over 70 years old. I’m hoping the guy would find a better way to get off than autoerotic asphyxiation.

Yeah, I was thinking he may have pulled a Vaughn Bodé.

Or, after reading some of Siam Sam’s posts, I wonder if there was foul play.

There’s something to be said about still being able to get your freak on at that age.

I can fully account for my whereabouts (for most of) tonight.

The local press is treating it as a suicide. Story here. Whether it was a suicide or a Michael Hutchence, pity the poor maid who found the body. She probably won’t stop running until she hits ocean. Thais are very superstitious, and to come across a dead body like this is their worst nightmare.

This was in the Nai Lert Park Hotel on Wireless Road. I am familiar with the place. It used to be the Hilton. The Hilton today is over on the river. Back in the 1980s, when this was still the Hilton, it had hands down THE best Sunday brunch, although it’s been eclipsed since then.

This is not the first sensational death there, either. I recall maybe 13 or 15 years ago, a prostitute went missing on her way to meet a client there. They found the body in a water-storage tank on top of the hotel several days after she went missing. Yes, the water that was pumped into the rooms and kitchens. Lovely. It eventually transpired that a security guard had killed her in the carpark. She’d asked him for directions to the client’s room, he made some smart-ass remark to her about being a prostitute, she ripped him a new asshole mouthing off to him, so he killed her. Dumped the body in the water tank and took off for his village in the Northeast without so much as a by your leave. Since he disappeared about the same time the girl was last seen alive, the police put two and two together and found him in his village.

Whatever the story behind Carradine is, I’ll bet there’s a good chance a bargirl is involved. There usually is.

But RIP, David. Loved your recent performance in Crank: High Voltage. BTW: The name of the film he was here to work on is, ironically, Stretch.

He’s married and has three children. I hope it’s not some extramarital kinky sex, or his wife will have THAT to deal with too on top of his death.

To me, he will always be Cole Younger.

“First getting shot…then getting married? Bad habits!”


The title does make me wonder: Are there so many David Carradines out there that we have to make a distinction? :slight_smile:

As Jimmy Buffet said, some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but I know it’s just my own goddamn fault.

A woman might break your heart but it’s ultimately YOUR decision to commit suicide over it.

I’ll always remember him as Justin in North and South.

Well, there are other acting Carradines; the title is just to remind you which one which one was found hanging in a closet in Bangkok.

By the way, since the locals are treating it as a suicide, I wonder if a note was found…

I worked on one of his shows. That he died “unexpectedly” is not so much a surprise, but I feel very bad for his family. It really seemed that he was getting his act together. I was told that he could be wickedly smart.

You have to remember that just about any farang (Westerner) deaths here are treated as a suicide, even if they’ve been found tied up hanging upside down and pole-axed. Especially so, come to think of it.

Maybe this makes me odd, but I’d rather find out it was the result of AEE than a suicide.

Although the first still sucks, people die all the time, often from accidents. I’m not saying that it isn’t still kind of tragic, but it seems better than knowing he spent his last moments so despondent that he could see no other course of action than to take his own life.