Cartoon Network Crackdown on YouTube

Ok So yes, I waste thousands of my employers dollars spending hours on You tube. I admit it, lets move on.

So today while pretending to work (and thanking god that nobody can see my screen when I’m at my desk) I decide to get reaquinted with my good friends the venture brothers. See as I no long have cable (read as: “no longer sponge free cable/internet/food/housing/money from my mother”) I saw the entire series on you tube. It was great, half hour episodes broken up into 10 minute clips and a T1 line to view it all on with no hic-ups.

Well the glory days are over!

Cartoon network has combed through you tube and removed ALL the complete venture brothers episodes. I’m guessing that means that the last season is out on DVD…but my DVD player BROKE TODAY!!

woe is me!

They used to have complete Venture Bros. episodes streaming on , but the second season came out on DVD in April, so I’m not sure if they still do.