Cartoon outtakes

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the outtakes from the 80s cartoon show Thundercats. Has anyone ever come across outtakes from any other caroon show? You’d think that there’d be plenty of them out there, I just wonder if anyone has ever put them on the internet or somewhere.

There’s at least one anime company (Media Blasters, I think) that includes dub outtakes as extras on their DVDs. That’s the only example I can think of, though.

On Lizzie McGuire (Disney Channel) they have outtakes at the end of every episode; since there’s an animated “Inner Lizzie” that shows up in every show, they always have an animated outtake where things go wrong (props fall down, things explode, etc.)

ADV does it sometimes. Volumes three and four of Orphen have some dub outtakes–though I have no idea how many of those were outtakes and how many were extra recordings just for the extras.

Animated outtakes?

Drawing outside the line, wrong numbered colour, blotches, fingerprints?

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A few feature movies have outtakes at the end of them. Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, I think Antz did it too. They are pretty funny. It’s becoming more common.

Ya’ll are all missing the OP’s intent, I think. The Thundercats outtakes are outtakes from the recording sessions. The voice actors flub lines, throw in a few choice profane words, and get the giggles. It’s entertaining. What ya’ll are talking about are MANUFACTURED outtakes, not real voice flubs.

The only other thing I know of like this is in the game King’s Quest VIII (I think) – there’s some secret thing you can do to hear outtakes from Robby Benson voicing the main character. It’s quite entertaining, although I heard them several years ago now.

There are outtakes (“bloopers”) through the end credits of Liar, Liar.

Sure, Liar, Liar is, technically speaking, not animated – but you have to admit that Jim Carey is pretty cartoony.

There are unaired sketch drawings of scenes never animated on the Family Guy DVD. That’s the closest I can think of.

There’s supposedly a Family Guy hardcore porno scene that was never intended to air (because it’s too explicit). Apparently it was done in house by the animators just for fun.

Although this again has nothing to do with actual mistakes, the idea of cartoon characters making mistakes started long before Pixar films and Lizzie McGuire. Every year, Warner Brothers produced a blooper reel for their annual Christmas party. The animation division created an original piece for this one year in the 1930s with Porky Pig uttering, “Son of a b-b-b…son of a b-b-b-b…son of a gun! Thought I was gonna say ‘son of a bitch’, didn’t you?”

I remember those Thundercats out-takes, especially Mumra: “show me your titties!”

Finding Nemo didn’t have out-takes at the end.

What’s this about Thundercats out-takes? Is there a link?

I’ve seen that one, actually. Someone on this board mentioned where one could download it (I don’t remember where, and I don’t have the file anymore). It’s from that episode where Lois rents the marriage-counciling tape that was really a porno. It’s a quick (maybe 5 seconds) shot of the actress—“Dr Amanda Rebecca”—on the tape doing some very, er, explicit things, complete with nudity. The way it (the clip) was made, it would have fit in the episode right before the part where the tape asks “Do you want to see more?” and Peter meekly replies “Yes, Please.”

Although, generally, animated films don’t have actual “deleted scenes”—animation costs are too high to “waste” scenes—there have been a few exceptions. The Land Before Time had a couple that were fully animated, but cut in editing. However, despite rumors and a mysterious “production” sketch there is no evidence that there was a scene deleted from “The Secret of NIMH.”

Back on the subject of dubbing-bloopers, the DVD collections of the anime series Kurograne Communication include outtakes, too. The first disc has the best, hands down. (Picture a hulking, death’s headed android saying “Hey there sailor…new in town?”)