"Casey and Andy" appreciation thread

Just this week (thanks to Peter Morris in his “They won’t stay dead” thread – http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=352398), I discovered the web comic Casey and Andy, by Andy Weir.

Read the comic here: http://www.galactanet.com/comic/

Wikipedia page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casey_and_andy

I really like it. It’s about two mad scientists who frequently die and come back without explanation, Kenny-style. In addition to the chaos caused by their insanely dangerous “X-o-mat” inventions, they are always being caught up in adventures due to their association with supernatural beings (including Satan, Andy’s girlfriend) and their propensity for attracting the attention of aliens and extradimensional beings. Content varies from highbrow to lowest of the lowbrow: There are many discussions of highly esoteric philosophical conundra, especially when “Quantum Cop” shows up. But there’s also plenty of scatological humor about things like Andy’s bowels (see today’s strip) and his malevolent and unhousebreakable cat, Cujo. Whenever Weir is sick or busy he posts a “cheesecake” drawing of one of the strip’s female characters. There’s also a lot of humor aimed at an audience of SF nerds, gamers, and computer programmers (Weir is all three); if you don’t get a particularly obscure joke, look at the “news post” below the strip, which usually explains it.

My discovery of this strip, as it happens, brings up an interesting question about the economics of artistic expression in the Information Age. I showed the site to a coworker, and he asked, “How does he make money? Does charge for access? Does he sell advertising on the site?” In fact access to the site is free and there are no ads. I could only tell him, “Lots of people nowadays do this kind of thing as labors of love.” Which appears to be the case. Weir has a day job – he’s a software engineer – and this strip is a spare-time hobby. He probably pays a small fee for the hosting space. In exchange for that and his labor he gets to amuse himself and he gets the acollades of a fan-base of like-minded geeks (some of whom have filled in for him when he was moving between cities). I don’t know how he ever will make money off the strip unless a collection is published in print form. (Then again, there is now a Casey and Andy GURPS, and Weir might have negotiated a licensing fee.) Is that how it will be in the future? Art is something you do for love and not money?

BTW, does anybody have other web comix to recommend?

Ya know, I found that site through the same means, the above-linked thread.

Sat down and read the first few, and laughed my ass off.

Eight hours or so later I clicked on the 500th or whatever one and realized I really need to get a life.

Then had to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS for him to get back and post today’s update!

Good stuff.

And you may enjoy SinFest, featuring satan and god and a talking pig. It’s pretty funny. http://sinfest.net/d/20000117.html

I have the image of the devil in his booth on a sweatshirt I like to wear. It’s gotten more comments than any other article of clothing I’ve had in a long, long time.

I love some “Casey and Andy”, great geekocity and cheesecake.

Gotta love the Something Positive. Start from the beginning. If you can read the first comic and laugh, that’s a pretty good indicator that you’ll like the comic.

Check out today’s entry (1/9/06, strip # 576)! Casey and Andy fight ignorance! Why do they have braille plates on drive-thru ATMs?

I love this webcomic. I found it on the board here too about a couple of weeks ago. I think it was in one of the Kim Possible threads. In the strip God allows Andy to ask any question he wants. Andy asks God why does Kim Possible have a picture of Shego in her locker. She possibly wants to hit that. From that strip I started from day one. When I wasn’t at work all I did was read up. Took me three days.

I love that strip.