Cast a remake of "The Exorcist"

No, it isn’t listed on IMDB as a forthcoming project…yet. But with Hollywood having churned out new versions of pretty much every well-known horror movie from 1970 on (there IS a “Poltergeist” remake on the way after all), I think it’s a safe bet to say that we will eventually see a remake before too much longer. So why not go ahead and throw out our casting / creative choices for it now? Because it IS gonna happen…mark my word.

For movie director, I would go with Lars Von Trier. He’s just profane,neurotic and preoccupied by sacred imagery enough to establish a tone creepy enough to match the original, but with its’ own original take.

Regan McNeil - I’d prefer to go with an unknown young actress, but if the studio did insist on a ‘name’ actress, I’d say Kiernan Shipka (at this point, she’d be playing a role a few years younger than her already, but she could do it.)

Chris McNeil - Amy Adams would be ideal as a new Chris. In fact, she’s who made me think of this as a topic, because I was watching “American Hustle” and she struck me as a young Ellen Burstyn type.

Father Damian Karras - I’d like to say Alec Baldwin, but he apparently has ‘withdrawn from public life and retired.’ Sooo, someone who could believably play a swarthy, yet dedicated Italian Roman Catholic priest with lots of angst? Maybe Jon Hamm, but he’s just a little too wasp-y IMO. Perhaps Jeremy Sisto? Or in a very daring departure Ty Burrell (Phil from ‘Modern Family’) who looks the part of a Father Karras.

Damian’s mother - the small, but very crucial role would (in my production) be played by Brenda Vaccaro. Of course, it’d be the biggest departure from the original book / film, she’d be more of a conniving Livia Soprano character than a helpless “Ma-Ma MI-a” immigrant.

Father Merrin - Ian McKellan. Hands down.

Voice of Pazzuzzu - I’m tempted to say Andy Serkis, but he’s too ‘on the nose’ as the guy who does voice-overs for creepy CGI-type characters. I think a great outlier choice would be Bette Midler, who I personally always associate with that creepy animated 70s show “Vegetable Soup.” She can growl and gnash her teeth and hiss dramatically too.

The all-important creepy music soundtrack would be by Laurie Anderson.
Waddaya say?

Hard to put down your choices.

I read the book before seeing the movie and I was a bit underwhelmed with Jason Miller as Father Karras. I had pictured somebody like Philip Seymour Hoffman, in spite of Hoffman not being available at the time. But he was who I was picturing in my mind’s eye. Now that that choice is moot, I’d pick somebody like Michael Imperioli.

The kid is the key role, so I like your choice of Ms. Shipka. Somebody even mousier and more innocent would be nice to find.

I could see Christopher Walken in the Max von Sydow role. No, seriously!

Michael Imperioli is a great choice. Now that you’ve brought him up, he’d be my front-runner from “Damie! Damie! Damie!”

But there was no swarthy Italian priest in The Exorcist. In both the novel and the film Karras was Greek. If his surname wasn’t enough of a clue, listen to the scene where he visits his mother—they speak Greek to each other, not Italian.

I can see Viggo Mortensen as Damien. And Jack Black as Burke Dennings.


I knew that! WHY did I describe him as Italian when I knew he was greek? DAMIAN, fer crissake! WHY oh WHY did I write that?


The devil made me do it!