Cast the "Doctor Who" movie...

OK, I got to thinking about this after seeing the “Ask the Dalek” thread on the MPSIMS board. I think there should be a “Dr Who” movie, a theatrical feature film and not some second-rate fox t.v. hodgepodge of ideas stolen from the X-Files and Star Trek. Also, it should not be a conitinuation of the t.v. series, but an alternate take on the characters & concept. Here are just some of my own suggestions for possible cast members, obviously not every one of them would fit in a single movie – just brainstorming.

The Doctor – Michael Palin (name recognition, eccentric, humourous but intelligent, genuinely british)
Brigadier Alastaire-blah-blah-blah – Jim Broadbent
Sgt. Benton – Carey Elwes
Jo Grant – Renee Zellweger
Sarah-Jane Smith – Teri Hatcher
Harry Sullivan – Ewan MacGregor
Leela – Lucy Lawless
Voice of K-9: John Cleese
Romana – Cate Blanchett
Adric – Tom Welling (Clark Kent on “Smallville”)
Tegan Jovanka – Nicole Kidman
Nyssa – Julia Sawahla (Saffy on “AbFab”)
Turlough – dunno
Peri – Charisma Carpenter
the Master – Gary Oldman
The Rani – Claudia Black
Davros – Mick Jagger (since he already looks like a dessicated, post-Apocalyptic mutant, the producers would save a bundle on fx makeup!)

Oooooh, good choices! I’d never thought about this before, but I like your cast. For Turlough, what about that kid who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies? He’d have to grow up a little more, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Or the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy could be the Master.

Michael Palin?

Why would anyone take him remotely seriously?

I dunno; Palin’s travelogues are pretty impressive. I could see him as a somewhat lighthearted Doctor in the Tom Baker mode.

For a younger, more intense Doctor, what about Sean Pertwee? Keeping it in the family, as it were; plus, I have to say that his dad was always my favorite of the seven.

Tom Welling as Adric? I dunno…it’s hard to picture him in a rubber Devo jumpsuit, although the hairstyle is kind of similar. I’d prefer to see Adam Sandler in the role, particularly the scene where he smashes into the Earth’s crust at warp speed.

Likewise, I can’t really see John Cleese as a stuffy, sarcastic K-9. Why not just let John Leeson provide the voice? If it ain’t broke…

Palin is a bit old and I’m sorry he is not a big enough name to carry a film.

Hugh Grant would probably be a better choice.

The only Doctor is Tom Baker.

Hmm, good point. I’m sure most people interested in seeing a Doctor Who movie will never even have heard of Michael Palin. Plus, he’s sixty, which is way too old for the role. That’s why all the other Doctors were under thirty. Peter Cushing, I think he was about twenty-three when he played the character. Anyway, once your hand-crystal starts flashing, you’re really not credible as an actor anymore. I mean, how are you going to do all those car chases and love scenes that Doctor Who was famous for?

Dr. Who – Robert Carlyle (as a Scot)

Come on! All the other doctors under thirty? Most of them were OVER thirty. Not sure about Peter Davison. For crying out loud, William Hartnell was old Jon Pertwee was at least white haired, not sure ouf Troughton’s exact age but it had to be over thirty. Hmm, I need to find my old Dr. Who history book and get all the details.

There was a Comic Relief version of Dr Who made a few years ago, (The Curse of Fatal Death) and they had Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor, and Julia Sawalha as his companion, with Jonathan Price as the Master.

Totally inspired casting.

Then they had a rapid run through of the last few of his ergenerations, played by: Jim Broadbent, Richard E Grant, Joanna Lumley, and Hugh Grant.

Every single one of those people would make fantastic Doctors. And from what little I saw of that sketch, they did one of the best episodes that I have ever seen. They totally nailed it, so much better than the TV movie with Paul McGann.

On reflection, I had a knee-jerk reaction, and boy, was I wooshed! Mea maxima culpa.

You’ve been whooshed, old chum.

Teri Hatcher as Sarah Jane Smith? Sarah Jane Smith, the quintessential English troublemaking journalist, played by that braying no-talent that does Radio Shack commercials? The mind boggles, then cramps up and dies. There could not be two actresses more cosmically at odds than Elisabeth Sladen and Teri Hatcher. Liz Sladen is Sarah Jane Smith. Nobody else could play that role. And get those Monty Python alumni outta there. Ewan MacGregor should be quietly killed, not given more acting roles. Lucy Lawless would be a pitiful Leela. Mick Jagger as Davros is hilarious, and Gary Oldman could do a good turn as the Master.

For a comedy sketch they nailed it. For a movie or another TV series, I’m thinking… no. Richard E. Grant would make a great companion, like a Victorian weirdo, but only Lumley could pull off an extended bit of serious Doctoring. Julia Sawalha would be a good companion as well (although not Nyssa, since I’ve never seen her play any role remotely resembling Nyssa), since she’s sexy and I can’t think of anyone else who could get Doctor Who fandom to stop talking about Peri’s chest whenever a “best companion” discussion comes up.

I almost got whoosed there as well, until the Peter Cushing comment.


Oops. In the time it took me to read the thread and post my reply, Baker already caught himself.

As for casting:

The Doctor: Ian McKellen, if you wanted an older Dr., or Kenneth Branagh if you wanted a younger guy.

The Master: Alan Rickman, if you could persuade him to play another villian. McKellen might make an interesting master if he didn’t play the Dr. Or maybe Ben Kingsley?

Standard Companion (Cute Girl) - Kate Winslet

Standard Companion (Kid) - He’s an American, but whutabout Frankie Muniz?

Brigadier - John Hannah

I’ll have to think about this a bit and get back to you. Off the top of my head, I’d prefer Branaugh as the Doctor. I think he’d do a marvelous job. I’ll have to think about about enemies and companions.

Actually I have been banging around an Idea for a Dr. Who movie (ask me about the teaser sometime)
The only one I can see as the Doctor would be Alan Rickman. He can give a great original and eccentric interpretation. Think about it.

Consider Anthony Stuart Head as the Doctor. I could see that. And, dammit, it’d give him something to do if Ripper never materializes.

Oh, and Ozzy as Davros’ long-lost twin brother, who spawned an alternate race of stammering, burned-out Daleks.

The Doctors: Jonny Lee Miller, Michael Praed (Phileas Fogg from The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne), Jude Law, Vincent D’Onofrio

The Master: Terrence Stamp. Although Gary Oldman would be a good one.

Voice of K9: Michael Palin, only if John Leeson can’t.

Davros: Ron Perlman. You know he’d look great made up as the character.

Sarah Jane Smith: Anna Friel.

Leela: Lucy Lawless is too old. Leela would have to be in her late teens/very early 20s to still pull off the combo of a vicious, capable fighter who is still childlike enough to be curious but still frightened by the technologies and societies the Doctor would expose her to. So I think an unknown would be best.

…I would second Anthony Stewart Head-absolute perfecton.

As to the rest of the cast, I just don’t think it would be fair to recast the old roles-new companions would be the only way to go-and let the oldies keep thier places in my imagination! Julie Swhalla would be a great new companion-Lani Tupu would be a cool Master…

I’m as much of a former Buffy fanboy as the next guy, but I think Anthony Stewart Head would not make a good Doctor.