Cast the new Dr Who! (New series due in 2005)

Not a fanatic of the Doctor, but the series had a soft spot in my heart, it was not the special effects (did it had special effects? :slight_smile: ) that attracted me, but in America, it was PBS stations that broadcasted the show, coming from the old country, PBS was the thing to watch while I was learning English, and I got a lesson or two from the good doctor.

Now the guys at The Register report that Dr Who is poised for a comeback in 2005, since any news on who will be Who will not be available for awhile, who do you think will be better for the role?

Alan Rickman as The Doctor
Lucy Lawless as Leela
Amanda Pays as Romana
Jerry Mathers as K-9

Nnooo Lalla Ward has a special place in my childhood as “first crush”. No one else should ever play Romana :).

Though since she is a time lord as well I suppose she could regenerate but it would cause me some pain :wink:

No, no, no! Alan Rickman should be The Master!

Alan Rickman as the Master, you damn betcha.

The Doctor – Johnny Depp, carrying on the tradition of the fellow getting a little more bugnut crazy with each generation. Alternately, Christopher Walken.

Anthony Stewart Head.

A bit obvious perhaps, but only because he’d be so damned good.

the Doctor has always been intelligent, active, & possessed a rather sharp personality and sense of humor. Wit, and pointed wit, is required.

Therefore–Rowan Atkinson.

New companions, not re-castings, would be needed.

Since the Doctor is younger in each series, I would have Daniel Radcliffe, the kid who plays Harry Potter.

ps The very first series of Dr Who has just come back on TV here in Australia - the effects are tres dodgy. It is great to see the episodes I missed out on. I think the first was made in about 1967.

pps Galanthus, you know Lalla Ward is married to Richard Dawkins

Actually - I think Hugh Grant could pull it off. For me, the doctor should have a perpeptually amused, and slightly perplexed expression at all time, not taking life, on the surface, very seriously. Hugh Grant can certainly do this. The doctor must also be able to show cunning, in an off-hand, casual way. I think HG can do this.
Rickman’s personality is too powerful.

I actually quite like the idea of Richard E. Grant that’s being passed around.

And yes Antechinus I know, lucky bugger. Top scientist, best selling author and Lalla Ward. Sigh

  1. I think the first broadcast was delayed by news of JFK’s assassination.

The Doctor = Carrot Top

***NO! *** :mad: :mad: :mad:

Patrick Stewart ?

Rickman cast against character ?

I’d actually like to see Anthony Sher as the Doctor but he’s a bit old now and probably too ‘classical’.

Here’s the BBC site

Steven Fry would be a good Doctor Who, as would many of the choices above.
I wouldn’t mind the idea of a female incarnation this time, can’t think of a suitable actress though.

As I said in at least one previous thread on the subject, I’d love to see Cameron Daddo as the new Doctor.

Not exactly.

William Hartnell - 55
Patrick Troughton - 46
Jon Pertwee - 51
Tom Baker - 40
Peter Davison - 30
Colin Baker - 41
Sylvester McCoy - 44
Paul McGann - 37

First episode aired 23 November 1963. Series 25 episode "Remembrance of the Daleks " contained a reference to the series premiere.

Seriously: Ian McKellen. Colin Firth. Patrick Stewart. Richard E. Grant. Anthony Stewart Head. Charles Dance. Ian Holm. Derek Jacobi.

Not so seriously: Ringo Starr or Roger Moore need something to do, I’ll wager.

But why not bring back Tom Baker? I just saw the ‘Shada’ video, and, man, he’s still got it.

From what I’ve read about Tom Baker, I seriously doubt he’d want to return to the role. He has commented in interviews about typecasting, and feeling very awkward about being so closely associated with the role. (In one interview, he told an amusing story about an overzealous fan who started pestering him while he was using the lieu in a pub!)

I think Johnny Depp is just annoying in general, and would hate to see him as the Doctor. Not to mention, he isn’t english. The Doctor has to be a British chap, that’s a given. At any rate, Depp is in the same boat as Hugh Grant, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, and Alan Rickman – they are well-known stars who: 1) would probably not want to take on an ongoing tv series role (which would cut into their film careers) and 2) would demand more money than has ever been spent on producing “Doctor Who” altogether! (Patrick Stewart’s salary for the last “X-Men” flick was probably more money than was paid to all ten (including Peter Cushing and Richard Hurndall) actors who portrayed the Doctor altogether.

Cameron Daddo just looks too GQ model studly to be the Doctor. Aside from being a brit, the right Doctor also has to be a bit "off’ - quirky, eccentric, nutty, whatever you’d like to call it.

I do like the idea of Anthony Stewart Head as the Doctor. Not to mention, that’d serve as an “in” for Joss Whedon to jump the pond and write a few stories for the new series.

Here’s my two-pence, what about Robert Carlyle from “the Full Monty” and “Trainspotting”? As those two movies showed, he can do both humorous to very intense bits, and is very eccentric in a very british way. He’s also not so big a star that he’d pass up a tv show.

Maybe so, but he can act. He’s won stage & TV awards in Australia.

Having starred as Rollie Tyler in the syndicated “F/X: the Series”, Daddo has shown he can portray eccentric quite well, which is why I think he’d be good in the part. If you’re not familiar with the show or the movies it’s based on, Rollie Tyler is a character with traits similar to our beloved Doctor: [ul][]In the series and the second movie, Rollie helps his local PD solve mysteries, even though they sometimes don’t want his help (and vice versa). []He doesn’t like violence, preferring to use his wits and supply of special effects to gain the upper hand.[]Has done improv, so he should have a quick wit.[]Avoids unwanted visitors to his office by ducking out a back door hidden behind one of his large robotic creations.[]Likes doing charity work.[]Likes to pull practical jokes.[/ul]If that’s not acting like the Doctor without a functioning Tardis, I don’t know what is.

The only thing that concerns me is that it’s been given to BBC Wales to produce. . . . I know not why. I think the drama department down there has been on a roll for a while but this isn’t some regional soap opera. Maybe they think it’s about time BBC Wales had something to get their teeth into. Presumably London will keep an eye on developments and second staff to them . . . the thinking behind this is a bit of a mystery, though (at least to me).

If Patrick Stewart was interested, he’d do it for the normal BBC set rates and becasue he was interested in the project - as an old-style actor he knows the score and wouldn’t baulk, no one works for the BBC hoping to make serious money.

I’m thinking it’ll likely go to someone not well known on screen but with a good stage pedigree unless . . . one of those noteable actors wants to realise a childhood dream and the beeb think’s it’ll work . . .