Cast the new Superman movie

Assuming this isn’t a hoax like the Gilligan’s Island movie, who should play the title character, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, et al.?

I nominate Eric Close for Superman.

I am sooooo tired of Superman/Batman Movies, out of all the characters DC Comics/Warner Bro’s has, Supes/Bats are tired.

If I were doing a Superman movie, here’s what I would do. I would totally go for a 50s look to it. I’d set it in the 50s.

Lois Lane - Jennifer Connelly. I think she could pull it off. Plus, I like to look at her.

For Superman, I’d have two actors. I don’t know who. I’d want them to be reminiscent of each other, but not look exactly alike. I’d want the viewer to get the same feeling Lois does, that Clark looks like he COULD be Superman, but there’s enough difference there to make it questionable.

As much as I cringe at the thought of CGI, I would want Krypto in it.

First and foremost: The would be flying. There would be capes. It would not be grim and gritty. Superman is all about the flying and the capes. IT’S PART OF WHAT MAKES HIM SUPER. He is NOT grim and gritty and he doesn’t need to be. To me, if you lose sight of that, then don’t make a Superman movie, because you’re missing the entire point of the character.

I would have Luthor as the bad guy, but at some point I’d have him build a giant robot with which to steal an armored car.

Oh yeah, and my movie would flop.

Ben Affleck should play Daredev-- never mind. Wrong company.

Michael Bennett (of the Minnesota vikings) as Flash. Kevin Sorbo as Aquaman? And the obvious one: Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman.

Bruce Campbell as the Villain.

There’s a rumor about Jerry O’Connell being considered for Big Blue. Sorry, Jerry, after Kangaroo Jack, you’re relagated to playing Krypto the Super Dog.

Hey! Some of us like Krypto!

I hadn’t heard that one, but did come across this a short while back (search down for Superman). Brendan “Encino Man” Fraser! :eek:

The other options don’t look too good either: the undercover cop from “Fast and the Furious”, and some soap opera star I’ve never seen.

The Joe Millionaire guy for Superman: Evan Marriott

I agree, I think Evan Marriott has the right looks, his acting ability is questionable but hey so is the Rock!

I also like Legomancer’s idea of having it set in the 50s. I mean Supes fits in PERFECTLY with that decade. Especially when I was reading it, it just feels like he originated in the old days before the internet, computers, and porn flicks you can watch at home on a “vcr”.

Brilliant… !

But I think I’d rather see Aquaman / Green Lantern given the big-screen treatment next for DC.

Obvious to you maybe, but I don’t think she looks anything like Wonder Woman.

I wonder whatever happened to the rumored Plastic Man movie from some time ago? That could be really fun, though they might want to avoid going with the obvious casting choice of Jim Carey as Plas, particularly when you consider that in a way, he’s already played Plas, or at least a character who is very similar.

The John Constantine movie that Johnny Depp has been linked to looks like a waste of everyone’s time.

DC had too many good characters for all them save the Big Two to be ignored, but considering the trouble WB’s having bringing even Bats and Supes back to the big screen, I suppose that anything more obscure is out of the question.

BTW, I could so see Keifer Sutherland as Aquaman.

Why do so many people think this Joe Millionaire jackass looks like Superman? I just don’t see it.

Wonder Woman - should be Catherine Zeta-Jones. I also would like Warner Bros/DC Comics to make other Comic Book Characters into movies, like Marvel. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash - could get Sequels. There are probably more, but WB/DC wants to keep churning out played out/tired Supeman and Batman.

I agree that I would love to see Green Lantern get a movie. I’d even like it if it were Kyle instead of Hal.

Nah. She should be played by Famke Janssen.

Linda Carter should play Wonder Woman. Imagine that.
For Luthor, how about Marlon Brando? Quite the movie killer and half crazy anyway?

Strangely, I can see Billy Zane as Lex Luthor.

How about Lara Flynn Boyle as Wonder Woman?

For The Flash, I could see Vincent Ventresca of The SciFi channel’s The Invisible Man. Have to do something about that hair though…

How about Keanu Reeves as Superman?

Ah! Ah! Don’t kill me!!!

No, Keanu Reeves as Jimmy Olson. :slight_smile:

Eric Close has played a superman-type character before so he should be able to pull off the Man of Steel.

I think a complete unknown should play Superman. Like Christopher Reeve was last time.

Catherine Zeta-Jones would be fine as Lois Lane; she’s got the pluck/ballsiness you’d want in her.

Jimmy Olsen? No ideas.

Perry White? John Mahoney. Or get Jackie Cooper or Lane Smith to do it again; I think both were fine, and they’re both still probably the right age.