Casting Charlie Sheen in the movie about his current meltdown

It will be made someday, you know it will. No matter how this ends. Just look at what is Sheen is doing on camera in his own house, and think what an artistic opportunity is there for a bright actor to play Sheen. To do everything Sheen is doing, only more so, because that’s what art does.

I nominate Emilio Estevez, because I feel cruel tonight.

Gary Busey.

Matthew Perry?

Emilio Estevez

Charlie Sheen.

That would be a choice full of Win.

Tom Cruise?

Nah. Different kind of crazy and definitely not enough Tiger Blood.

“Could I be anymore of a winner?”

No, I don’t think this would work.

I nominate Dane Cook.

I think the actor who played GOB in Arrested Development could pull it off.

Will Arnett

Joaquin Phoenix.

Vince Vaughn

Are you for real? Who would watch this?


Sheen’s is not the kind of story that would make a good movie… Shitty no-talent actor riding on father’s coattails spends his life living hard, nailing a ton of chicks(sometimes for pay), and making two Hot Shots movies. Then he has a manic episode and grabs everyone’s attention for about three weeks before they got tired and moved on (happening already).

He’d have to do something pretty amazing in the future from both a redemptive as well as a life’s work perspective. Otherwise, who gives a shit? There’s just no story there.

Are you for real? Dramatic freakout-meltdown scenes are a tradition older than Shakespeare.

There are literally hundreds of celebrity biopics, and it is standard for those biopics to center around addiction or other fatal flaws that eventually cause the celebrity’s downfall, to be followed either by redemption or death, or both.

Dude, one of the most often-repeated data in this story is that Sheen is (or was until recently) the highest-paid actor on TV. Why is that? Obviously – whether he deserves it or not – he must have legions of fans. Fans who might fall out of love with him but, willy-nilly, will still be fascinated by his story for the rest of their lives.

Maybe they should try to get River Phoenix instead…

Christian Bale.

He’s done a good job portraying other real-life personalities, and he’s got the right name - I’m just not so sure about the accent.

Michael Sheen