Castle Season 06

I did a google search and also manually searched cafe society for the past month and there doesn’t seem to be a thread for season 6.

Can someone explain the significance of the song at the end of the most recent episode (s06e09)?

I really hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend with shows like this. This really is starting to feel too much like Red John from the Mentalist or whoever-the-fuck from The Following. At least the Mentalist had the decency to make that a subplot and stretch it out over six seasons though.

I saw last nights Castle, and it seemed like the song was supposed to mean something…but I couldn’t figure it out much less remember the significance.

“We’ll meet again” as in, yep, the dude is still alive and going to come back and mess with them again.

At least that’s the only thing I could figure. If it was supposed to have any more significance than that, they did a piss poor job of conveying it.

It’s was a pretty famous song in World War II in the UK, used as sort of a pre-nostalgia for the good times people would have when the war was over. For this reason, it was the closing music in Dr. Strangelove.

But in this case, the point is made in the lyrics: We’ll meet again. The bad guys will be back.

As for being a trend, it’s been one for quite a few years now, so much so that it’s a cliche. Castle is at its worst when it does story arcs.

I got the impression there was a deeper significance given how Kate stopped dead in her tracks. The plastic surgeon had already left a note basically saying she would be back so an audio file saying the same thing shouldn’t have been a shocker. There had to be some reason to either associate this with 3XK or some previous crime like maybe Kate’s mother possibly?

Yeah, it looked like the song was supposed to mean something special to Beckett, beyond the obvious, but I don’t know what.

Did you notice the deliberate nod to The Mentalist? There was a red circular sculpture in the murdered girl’s apartment that was the exact circle swirl, same direction, as the circle in th Red John smiley face.

Agreed. It works best when it is light and funny, and is awful when they try to be serious.

No but thanks. I guess that’s what I get for trying to read and watch tv at the same time.

That’s a bad sign, but I have enough respect for the writers on the show that if they’re going to rip off another show, I can reasonably hope they’ll do something interesting with the device.

I also have to agree with this. When the end music (not the We’ll Meet again thing, but the jaunty little whistle-y tune) came on, it was so jarring to the episode and it made me remember that this used to be a relatively light-hearted murder show. I still watch it every week, but the stand alone episodes work much better to me.

On the other hand, if they continue with the 3XK storyline like they did in the past, I don’t mind one, at the most two, episodes a season.

Exactly. It seems to me that they only do 2 or 3 “heavy” episodes a season. In the past, those episodes were primarily part of the story arc about Beckett’s mother, but it appears that they finally tied up that arc last season.

3XK was the other recurring heavy, and I suppose it made sense to bring him back, esp. as his apparent death was left open-ended.

Looking at the trailer for next week’s episode, it definitely feels like they’re back to the typical formula.

They might have finally identified the man responsible, Senator Bracken, but he hasn’t yet been brought to justice, so we’re not quite done with that arc, sadly. With any luck, they’ll annoy us with a big, flashy two-parter that concludes with Bracken being led away to jail in handcuffs and we can never have to think about him ever again. But I can’t imagine being that lucky.

I’m not thrilled with the season to date. I love the Becket/Castle engagement, but that is a pretty thin reed given the less than stellar stories.

The time traveler story was pretty good. They walked the line between suggesting that the other characters were from the future and actually providing proof of it really well I thought.

It reminded me a little of some of those old JAG episodes where they had to invoke semi-supernatural abilities and it came off as being really hokey. They came very close to that but handled it in just the right way.

+1 Castle is always at his best when the case gives him juuuust enough to feed his writer’s imagination.

I seem to think that the song was something that Becket and her mother shared, but I am not sure how or why it would tie back to 3XK.

From the way Castle and Beckett stared at each other when the song came on, I was wondering if they were both thinking, “what if that person I think I know is a surgically altered duplicate?” There was a moment earlier in the show where the Captain seemed a little off and I wondered about her too.
My bet: 3XK is the medical tech who brought C&B into the plastic surgeon’s office. There was no other reason for the actor to have a line, or be shown in the a later scene, if that’s not true.

Can I mention that I hate the whole “the entire business was removed in a matter of hours” trope? I’ve worked two jobs that went through moves - it’s a logistics nightmare, and the idea that an entire multi-room office could be moved in hours with no one associated with the building (managers, security and maintenance) or other businesses knowing anything always gets me.

I had a double-whammy, as I watched Erased recently and they did the same thing.

This bugged me too. Why clean out the whole office? She just needs to disappear and maybe some files. The employees themselves would be a risk of reporting it and there are too many of them to all be in on it. A stupid dramatic effect. If the contents of the office have to “go somewhere” for some reason, are they re-using them? Storing them? Dropping them into the ocean? And … why? 3XK is filthy rich, buy her a new set somewhere else.

A lot less of the kid and the mom lately. That’s okay. The Beckett in DC storyline was a waste and “Cuddy” wasn’t given anything, character-wise.


Though I have to say, I tend to completely forget 3xk even exists between those episodes, unlike the Beckett’s mom arc.

Yeah, I called the same thing. It also explains why he immediately strode up to them when they approached the receptionist; if he didn’t recognize them, there’s no particular reason for him to do so.

Also, just prior to the first body being discovered, the security guard rousted a coughing homeless guy. Later, when they pulled up to the hotel to arrest the security guard, a coughing homeless guy crosses in front of the camera. We never really see his face. Same guy? If so, almost certainly that is 3XK as well.