Cat and Mouse

Argh! This is very mundane and pointless, but my cat’s driving me insane! She’s lying on my mouse, and hitting the buttons with her tail. I have about and inch to move it right and left, and she whines if I move her.

The trials of being a cat lover :slight_smile:

[cat thoughts, translated to humanese]

And my being here is a problem, how?

Feed me.
Play with me.
Feed me.
Leave me alone.
Feed me.

[/cat thoughts, translated to humanese]

Yup, you have an ‘average’ cat.

HyperKitty has discovered the joys of helping me type on my computer at home. Sits on my lap and chases my fingers.

Two cats in our house. One is a standard ‘give me what I want and nobody gets hurt’ type. The other one (a female…should that really make a difference? It seems to.) really hates humans. My son has christened her ‘The Celene Dion of cats’ because she has an air of superiority, is unbelievably thin and has adopted the annoying habit of jumping into your lap and acting extremely irritated if you so much as pet her.

The two cats are siblings and the fights between them are…epic. Yep. That’s the word.

What is it with cats and computers? My little sweetie was jumping from my computer table to a high-up shelf in the closet, and when I caught her at this, I discovered that she was landing (heavily!) on my keyboard each time. Ouch. (I have since moved the computer and keyboard - jump on my keyboard once, shame on you, jump on it twice, shame on me.)
On a related note - my SO calls humans that own cats Personal Facilities Managers for the little beasties.

Good news–she went to get a good grooming from one of my other cats (I have four). I think she was sick of not getting petted, or my finger nearly up her cuckoo clock sound.

Sorry, but that’s about as simple as I can put it.