Cat-lovin' Dopers: ...And Newman makes three!

My neighbor called me in tears on Thursday. She saw a kitten that looked like it was hit by a car. Could I come? Of course. Little 8 week old calico kitten, it’s face a bit bashed up. Probably not hit - maybe thrown from a car while being dumped. Sweetest kitten in the world. My nephew is probably going to adopt it. People are scum.


Yes, but not your or your nephew or your neighbor. I wish there were more non-scum humans around.

Our older cat, Baby, had been living on the streets for 8 or 9 mos. when she was picked up by Animal Control. She leans her head over to keep her balance, had respiratory issues, and some broken and rotten teeth. Almost certainly hit by a car.
The second cat, Bobby Mewler, had been picked up as a stray and was pretty healthy but had no microchip.
The third one, Newman, just showed up and had no chip.
They either got lost or were dumped.

Nephew can’t keep it - his other cat is having a hissy fit. I’m going over to pick it up. Maybe I can make it into a barn cat after vax and spay/neuter. We’ll see what my current barn cat thinks.


Awww, what a cutie! So glad to hear he found a home, and what a great find to read about a bonus kitten being saved. I hope you can post pictures when she’s a little more camera-ready, StG. I can’t imagine what sort of horrible person could throw a kitten from a car. :frowning:

Thank you to all you kind souls in the world.

Trying to get a pic of the new kitten, but she doesn’t stay still long enough. It’s a problem.