Cat-lovin' Dopers: ...And Newman makes three!

The Story of Newman:

Several months ago, my cousin/housemate N and I noticed that a lovely kitty kept coming around to play with our two cats but he always went back across the street at night. We thought he lived there. After a while, though, we saw that he was dirty, had fleas, and was a bit thin. It turned out that he was only going across the street to eat the neighbor’s cat’s food and to sleep there. We put up flyers to try to find his people, went on FB with pics, but got no results. So we adopted him, got him shots, flea treatment, grooming, neutering, microchip, collar. Now he has two humans and two cats, toys, food, water fountain, tunnels, tower, and nice digs.

He appears to be a Siamese tabby mix, brown and cream, a bit vocal at times, very affectionate, with rather long toes. His nicknames are Paul Newman, the New Man, Slender (new)man, Big Toes, Purr Bucket, Needy Boy, Newmie, and so on.

He’s gorgeous and y’all totally fucking rock!

Way to go, Newman! You’ve got those people trained. (he’s lovely)

Hello, Newman.

Very handsome kitteh!

He’s very good looking!

What a stunner! Hello, Newman.


I’ve never seen a striped Siamese. Lovely and unique. And his new servants are awesome.

He’s definitely got Siamese in him. Vocals are in his wheelhouse. Talk back to him and he will respond. Tell him my beautiful and special Siamese cats accept him as a gorgeous cousin.

He’s beautiful. Look at those eyes! Welcome to the New Cat!

Ol’ blue eyes. Is Newman a bit cross-eyed? Siamese often are.

Could have abyssinian in him. He’s very good-looking, whatever his heritage. And he’s very lucky to have found his new home.

Yes, he is; forgot to mention that.

If you’re going for a *Seinfeld *reference, you’re on target. We love that show.

Our other boy, Bobby Mewler, was very nearly named Cosmo Kramer, but it just didn’t suit him.

He’s looking very stern in that last pic.

His servants were a little late serving his dinner :smiley:


But seriously, he’s a stunner. Here’s to many happy years with Newman in your home!

A beautiful cat! One of our neighbours has a tabby-point Siamese - it’s a very striking combination.

What a cutie! He has found a home. Good on you.

Cats. ������
:: falls over from the cute ::

ETA: That was supposed to be three cat emoji. Not sure why it didn’t take. .