Cat poop: Will it float? (TMI)

When I transfer my cat’s poop from the litterbox to the toilet, some of the pieces float and some of them sink. Why would there be any difference from one poop to another? What is the magical ingredient that makes some of them float?


Fat content, I’d guess.

Where do you live, Dave?

I don’t spend a great deal of time gazing down the toilet bowl (in case anyone was in any doubt about this), but I can confirm that the same variety of sinkers and floaters also occurs with human wasted; I would imagine fibre content has something to do with it.

Here’s the word from Poonurse.

The one time I visited people whose kitty was toilet trained, the kitty poop floated.

The little bastard could catch popcorn kernels in midair, too. You’d think flushing would have been a snap for him. But noooo…