"Catfish" (MTV series)

This is a TV series based on the documentary of the same name. It’s about people who have online relationships with people who turn out to have profiles that are phony on some level.

Does anyone else watch this?

IMHO: Last night’s episode, Mike and Kristyn, featured two of the most unlikable people on the series to date.

First of all, small question: Why does Max, Nev’s co-host, carry around a camera, filming parts of the show, when it’s obvious they have several other cameras around to film everything? It’s almost Inception-ish…

Secondly, this show intrigues me because it brings out the “shallow” in people. For instance, last night’s show was about a guy who had been talking to a very pretty girl (from what he saw in the pictures she sent), and it had been over 3 years, and they were apparently falling in love with one another, and she told him she had a glass eye from a car accident and he said dont worry no one should judge you because of that, bla bla bla. She put off meeting him, though they were less than an hour away. So, as expected if you’ve been watching the show for any amount of time, she turned out to not be the girl in the picture and overweight, and indeed did have a glass eye. Different hair color, and not super ugly but definitely not the girl in the picture. So of course the person deceived is not going to be happy, but what do you want to bet if the deceiver still turned out to be pretty, it’d be forgivable. But nope, this guy immediately deletes her number, and was done. All because of what she looked like, despite the 3 years of online intimacy they shared. One one hand, I can totally understand his POV, but on the other, wow, how shallow are some of us out there?

I don’t know how shallow it is to be upset that someone has been lying to you for three years.

I agree with this - if she’s going to lie about that, what else has she been lying about? The ‘picture’ of the person is completely different. It would be one thing if the person had put on some weight or what have you and didn’t look exactly like what was presented in the picture. It’s a completely different thing when the person who is in front of you looks nothing like how they represented themselves.

I saw almost 2 Catfish episodes. In one, a guy was leading on a woman and tried to justify it by saying something about the woman getting something out of it (emotional). In the other, the guy who was being led on had a girlfriend and she knew that he was obsessed (to some degree, not, apparently, to the degree he was) with this mysterious girl. I was flabbergast, to be honest. It made no sense to me and apparently on the mysterious girl’s FB, she had other guys hitting on her or what have you.

Well, just think about the show if it was just Nev narrating into Max’s single camcorder with camcorder sound. It would be less interesting without the interactions with Max. Max films stuff but he also serves to provoke or engage Nev. The show would look far more amateurish without a larger camera crew. MTV sends large camera and sound crews to all of their reality shows, and that is why they all have a similar look.

[faints dead away]

Most of the victims are 1) young and 2) relatively attractive. I would argue that attractive people dating online in their early 20’s are looking for other attractive people. Of course there would be some level of disappointment when they find that their SO isn’t the same hot person in the pictures.

Like **Jophiel **said, would you consider yourself shallow if you were upset because you found that your best friend had been lying to you?

I don’t regularly watch the show but my daughter does (she absolutely ADORES Nev). There was an episode a couple of weeks ago where a cute girl from Texas wanted to meet the guy she’d been chatting with online over MySpace and FB for 8 years, but they’d never video chatted, or met in person (even though one time she was only 5 hours away - he wouldn’t allow it).

When Nev and Max and the girl shows up at his doorstep in Maryland, it turns out he’s exactly the guy he represented himself to be online. His reason for not video chatting? Didn’t have a camera, and didn’t think she ever thought he wasn’t who he said he was. Why didn’t he let her come see him when she was close? He was worried about his financial situation, meeting her new son, and was trying to get himself in a better place in life before he met her.

All-in-all it was a pretty refreshing change from the train wrecks the few episodes I’ve seen turn out to be.

I stopped watching after I realized that their mad detective sleuthing skillz entirely involved using Google, Facebook and TinEye. Then if that didn’t pan out they’d just call the person.

I just don’t see the need for Max to be filming at all. I mean I know he’s an aspiring filmmaker, but still, just dont get it.

And Shark, yes that was nice to see. Also the one where the person was transgender and was accepted.

Merged two threads about this series.

Yeah, I was sort of expecting them to do a little more private-eye type stuff. In the (very few) episodes that I’ve seen, they’ve done nothing that I couldn’t do. Further, I’m actually surprised that the people on the show hadn’t done that sort of research.

You’re right. I was even thinking right along those lines when I watched a recent one where they brought up the person’s name on Facebook, and it appeared that the “victim” hadn’t. It’s like duhhhh…:smack:

I don’t know if I’d vote them most unlikable, but what I wonder is why they never found out who the pretty girl in the picture was.

Same here, because they usually do that.

And who sends full-frontal nude pictures (presumably aroused, no less) to someone they’ve never met?!?!? :confused:

Are these people really any different than you and me? Don’t we all “put on our best faces” when we are trying to date someone, and get to know them?

I mean, even when you meet face to face, share a conversation over coffee, slowly get to know one another over a few romantic dinners, invite that special someone over to your house to watch a movie and cuddle, become physically intimate again and again and share that magical feeling, ask them to move in with you, help them with the every day chores and errands, argue and fight from time to time because of different points of view but eventually work through them and come out stronger as a couple because of it, decide that you want that person to be a part of your life forever so you get down on one knee and you ask them to marry you, you have a fantastic wedding and the honeymoon you have been saving up for and blows you both away, you find out one day that you’re going to be raising kids, you raise them, you change their diapers, you feed them and buy them clothing and school supplies and watch their terrible elementary school plays with that special partner, and you drive your oldest kid up to college with that special someone by your side, and then you do it again with your 2nd and 3rd child, and you start using your nest egg to travel and see everything you’ve ever wanted to see, you think of all the good times and bad times together and how happy you are to have shared your life with that person, and you are there by their bedside in the hospital after various surgeries until the day comes when you know they aren’t going to get better this time, and your heart is breaking even though you know its time to say goodbye forever to the person you shared your life with, and you sit through the memorial service and look forward to maybe seeing that special someone again in heaven some day, you think of all the lives that both of you touched and hope that you managed to make some small positive difference in the world, even when you do ALL that, can you ever really know another human being? Is the person you think you are spending your life with the person you actually know, or are they just putting up a front the whole time, just like the catfish ‘jerks’?

So don’t be too hard on the Catfish folks. They’re really no different than you and me. <3

There was also the man who was for real except for one thing: he used someone else’s picture because he weighed about 500 pounds (600 at one point :eek:), and thought she wouldn’t like him any more if she knew what he really looked like. (I’d say she weighed about 300 pounds herself.) They hit it off, and last I heard still had a LDR, and he’d lost more than 100 additional pounds since the show aired. :slight_smile:

And then there was the man who reading between the lines was a devout Christian who found out that the “petite blonde woman” he’d been seeing online was in the region, and they drove 50 miles or so to meet…an overweight, obviously gay black man! :eek: His friends had razzed him about the possibility that his sweetheart might be a man, and they were right. :dubious: It turned out the gay guy had been expelled from college for punking his RA in similar fashion. :smack:

And how about the two black women who knew each other - and the “other” one had set all this up on purpose, because they were romantic rivals at one point?

Ummm…everyone on Craigslist…(so I’ve heard…:o)

I, for one, find this thread extremely disappointing.

Bumping b/c I begrudgingly saw the most recent one, and boy it is obvious it’s fake now. The woman had no Facebook info, said she was from a small town in Illinois, showed up one day and started throwing herself at everyone. The one photo she used on FB was a picture of a porn actress that Nev discovered after about .01 seconds of Image searching. Nev calls one of the friends and he says he’s 100% convinced she’s fake, b/c everyone in that town knows everyone.

OK, maybe the guy was just too stpuid to do research. Then the person shows up and it’s a guy named Justin. His performance was one of the most painfully obvious bad acting jobs I’ve ever seen, on this show or any other. It makes the Lizard Lick Towing people look like members of the RSC.

Here’s the link to the episode. Justin makes his acting debut at around 25:40.

I realize that most shows are scripted, etc etc, but IMO that guy destroyed all remaining slivers of credibility the show had.

Hahahaha. What?

So on last night’s episode,

a heavy girl was talking to a “buff, hot” guy and she was sending pics of herself that were photoshopped to make her look thinner. Turns out buff and hot guy was also heavy and looked nothing like the pics at all. Double catfish!! ha ha too funny, I almost had to wonder if that one was made up. The girl was very disappointed and rebuffed him in the beginning, but later decided to give him a chance.