Cats and Crazies

This morning I overslept. Not my fault, the damn alarm didn’t go off. Hence I didn’t get my workout about which I’m mightily pissed but that’s not what this thread is about.

No, when I did get up my daughter informed me that Snowy our 16 year old cat had peed on her bed. Right on the new (dry clean only) comforter. She also informed me that when she put the new bedding on the bed a couple of weeks ago she removed the waterproof mattress pad because she thought that Snowy, who’s been peeing in various places in the house since we’ve lived there, who has necessitated the replacement of flooring in three rooms and the removel of any and all area rugs including bathroom mats, wasn’t going to pee any more. :smack::rolleyes:

Now, I know why Snowy peed. Because she’s old and neurotic and a lives to torture me. And also because the toilet in my daughter’s bathroom broke and we had to move the over-the-toilet shelf unit to make room for the crazy person to install the new toilet (more on that insanity later). We put the shelf unit in her room at the foot of the bed. Snowy didn’t like this. It made her nervous. Her response to being nervous: pee on something. So this morning before I left for work I stripped the bed. Washed the sheets and put the comforter (dry clean only) in my car to take to the cleaner. Except that the cleaner won’t take it because it’s got cat pee on it. They suggested the laundrymat. “But it’s dry clean only” I said. The girl at the drycleaner just shrugged her shoulders.

So our long time and increasingly insane friend came over to fix the toilet. He’s been a friend of my family for almost 30 years and is a very good handyman. He tends to talk too much and that’s where things get sketchy but so far we’ve put up with his :ahem: interesting views.

He spent the first half hour telling my husband, Tom, about phrophesies and planet Nebiru and Dec. 12, 2012 and how the world is going to end on that day because of a planetary alignment and gravitational pull and government conspiracy. Finally, he sent Tom to Home Depot to get a thicker wax ring (we purchased the toilet and all the necessary parts on Sunday). No problem, says Tom, the crazy is starting to make my head ache anyway.

Meanwhile, Elvin, the other cat, was locked in our bedroom. Except that Tom couldn’t find him and, since Elvin ran away last weekend for a whole day, he was worried about him. Turns out Elvin, who’s never hidden from anything in his whole spoiled rotten cat life, decided this was a good time to hide under the bed. Maybe he was afraid of the phrophecies, who knows.

And now our crazy friend decided that he wasn’t entirely happy with the placement of the toilet and tried to move it just a tiny bit, resulting in the destruction of the wax ring and necessitating another trip to Home Depot. Tom was happy to make the second trip, again, the crazy is starting to wear a little thin.

We’ve decided that, while we still like him and think he’s a nice guy, we won’t be using our friend’s services in the future. His price is good but in the long run it cost too much.

When you buy a wax ring, ALWAYS BUY TWO. But you know that now. :slight_smile:

Now you tell me! Next time I’ll make sure. Shit, next time I may try and install the toilet myself.

i understand the cat pee problem. with my girl it was a medical problem so i knew she would at all times. also if she didn’t pee on it, the regurgitator would get sick on it.

now that she has gone on her personal journey to cat paradise, i’m starting to realize that i might be able to buy a rug or two. i haven’t yet, but i’m starting to notice them in stores.

i have thrown my ralph lauren dryclean only comforter (full size) into the washer and dryer with out trouble. you do have to be sure your washing machine can handle the weight of the wet comforter. some people prefer to take theirs to a laundrymat, the machines have more “oomph”, and some can even handle a king size comforter.