Cats and Earmites

One of my three cats has earmites in a real bad way, so I started him on miticide. The other two have no signs of the little pests - nice and pink and clean. Should I treat all three of them anyway or just the one?

All 3.

Rats dons welding gloves. Thanks!

Treat all 3. I have seen many cases where owner treats one cat over and over. If the cats are housed together, chances are excellent you could recover mites from all 3, yet only one is showing a hypersensitvity response.

You might wanna ask your veterinarian about an ivermectin containing compound which is effective with one or two applications.

Be sure you have some kind of eye protection on when you are dosing the critters for ear mites, and keep your mouth closed. Nothing quite like getting a face full of ear mite medicine after a dosing as the disgusted animal shakes their head and paws at their ears. :eek: (The stuff makes the mites run wild, which in turn makes the critter squirm.)