Cats are weird. No, really they are. You hadn't noticed?

That’s nothing! I have a tabby who’s in the lower twenties, poundwise.

Ok, this got me curious, so I went looking for the tape measure to find out how long Mr. Spock is. His last vet visit I think he weighed just under 28lbs. Tape measure isn’t in the drawer it usually lives in, which is not much of a suprise in this house. I find a yardstick.

::pauses for laughter::

Have you ever tried to measure a cat with a yardstick?

I think Mr. Spock is somewhere between 16 and 18 inches from the base of his neck to the base of his tail. The tail adds another 14 inches. When he is on his back for bellyrubs, the smooched out belly is 10 inches wide.

Keep him lean? Oh yeah. I’m afraid I haven’t figured out a way to portion feed 8 cats.

Heh. Where’s that superior-smirk smilie? :wink:

I feed three times a day, and each cat has its own dish. Squash and Pumpkin eat on the countertops on either side of the stove. Sophie eats on the opposite countertop. The Orange Boys and Sally eat on the kitchen floor. Sylvia waits patiently for her dish to be deposited in the adjoining living room. Yes, they all go to their accustomed place and wait for the dish to be filled and placed before them.

That’s with dry food. Canned food? The mere sound of the can opener will touch off a feline riot. Unguided orange missiles will fire themselves at the counter as I struggle to split the sopping mess into separate portions.

And then there’s the leftovers feeding frenzy. In this picture you can see Sylvia’s bowl at the top. Yep, all eight of them are trying to get whatever the heck was on that little plate. Hmmmm… Judging from the paper on the floor visible in this shot, I’d say it was a tuna sub.

Hee! Sounds like Eddy is about as big as Daniel is – Daniel can do the ‘check to see what’s for dinner’ thing, but he’s pretty heavy boned, so being 21 pounds doesn’t look as tubby as it would on a lighter-boned cat. I’ll have to whip out the tape measure and see what he is when I get home…

You’re a better trainer than I am! One reason I haven’t tried portion feeding is because my cats range in age from 14+ to 2 years, and my oldest one is a grazer. She just won’t eat enough at one time for me to feel comfortable not having food available for her 24/7. Of the 8 cats, Mr. Spock is the only one with a potential weight problem. Well, Bill is a little on the plumptious side, but the rest don’t overeat.

Cats are very, very weird, but in all the funniest ways. My husband’s cat orbits him whenever he sits on the floor - flops down beside him and drags herself around him. It is absolutely hysterical to watch. Of course, she’s not particular about whether he has jeans on or just shorts…then it’s funnier for me than it is for him. :smiley:

My cat sings with me - our favourite duet is “Featheroni balony, all covered in cheese…”

A girl I grew up with had a yellow cat named Bus.

Bus’s (is that right?) name started out as Gus. However once he fully matured to a 32lb yellow cat, Bus was much more fitting.

He was a big framed cat to begin with, and he was really fat on top of that!


:smack: I just now got the pun behind the comic strip’s name. :o

Hoo! I’ve seen cats do the floor-orbit with rugs, but never a human. :smiley: