So....My Cats.

Ok, who walked in the back door and switched my Cats?

Don’t get me wrong, they’re still mostly jerks

The two most snooty, bossy, entitled Siamese cats that were ever born have gotten a new attitude.

The 2 Chihuahuas, who are refugees here, are actually beginning to act normal. The cats make it their business to aggravate them into snappy, barky little brats. Thereby undoing my well planned lessons.
I have to go through the whole routine of sit, stay and shut-up. 4 or 5 times a day to keep up with the cats un-teaching. So dumb.

If I’m sitting in my chair in my room the cats always come and sit with me. We used to have reading or conversation before the world went berserk.
Now the Chihuahuas, who’ve decided I’m the big cheese, want to sit with me too.
The cats are not happy about this.
So, we have big noisy arguments.
Dogs yipping, cats hissing and growling. And I must be Sweden. :smack:
I’m lucky if I don’t bleed.
Just you try to make room on one lap for WW3.

But…the big surprise is: eventually the hostilities cease.
No more slap fights.
No more snapping hell dogs in tiny suits.
And they all flop into a big mass of Siamese-Chihuahua Stew. Right on my lap.
The heat generated would surprise you.

I wish I had one of those point and shoot temperature takers. I’d like to know exactly how hot it really is.

I would’ve laughed in your face a few weeks ago if you told me my Cats would even touch a dog, much less sleep with them.

Must be someone else’s Cats.

Now that the cats have established in the yappy dogs’ minds that they (the cats) are in charge, peace has been established. :slight_smile:

I feel like I’ll have an extra hot summer if this keeps up.

Don’t you mean Switzerland?

Yeah, I did. Or Belgium. Or any neutral place.
During WW3 it might be Cuba or Nevada or my fave Christmas Island.

Cats and Dogs Living Together!

– agreeing with kenobi 65. The cats have established to their satisfaction that a) the dogs are not going to try and bite them and b) the cats can swat the dogs any time they want and expect no significant repurcussions.

Having established that, they don’t need to keep swatting; though probably a swat or two will happen from time to time, just to make sure the situation remains under (the cats’) control.

Bear my male cat had a meow that sounds remarkably like ‘no’. The dogs mind him. It’s hilarious.

Currently on the Dope: So…My Cats and Sew My Cats.

The cats and dogs should run between 100-101ish in body temp. 4 of them, about 400 plus?

I just realized that I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of these alleged cats. Please remedy this situation ASAP.

Yeah, Beck. You got that many people underfoot at Casa De Wreck, you might as well put 'em to use.

Delegate a grandkid to post photos to a free online photo-sharing website. (You may parrot those exact words; they’ll understand you.) Your cats want the adulation of hundreds of new human slaves, right? We can fawn over their beauty in shifts; they’ll like that.

These cats will insist upon a moderate fee to cover handling charges.

They’ve lawyered up. I’ll have to see if I can take meeting. :wink: