Cats is Weird.

So, everyday, as I return home from work, my kitteh and I have a routine. She follows me into the bathroom, where I proceed to “freshen up” and other ladylike things. She beelines for the shower curtain, and starts to lick it like it’s world class 'nip. This has been going on for months. Recently, she has started doing it with my bedroom curtains as well- admittedly, they are similar in texture to the shower curtain.

So what gives? Anything other than ‘cats is weird’? Or, contrariwise, what sort of bonkers shit does your kitteh get up to?

And before I get yelled at for blatantly flouting the rules: Clio, flyin high on a fresh 'nip mousie.

Your title said it all - cats is weird. And thank you for the laugh-out-loud; that picture could be the poster for a 12-step program for catnip addiction. That cat looks stoned!

I’ve never seen him licking my shower curtain, but Merlin enjoys licking plastic. He’ll go to town on bubble wrap. They must like the texture on their tongue or something.

The weirdest thing about my cat is just that he’s very needy. He follows me everywhere, and always has to be on top of me or at least beside me. When I’m at my computer desk, he will jump up and wedge himself between the middle of my back and the chair. I guess I should be flattered, but I’m aware I amount to little more than warm furniture.

We’ve got one cat who loves plastic of any kind. Plastic bags, six-pack rings, plastic shower curtain, you name it. Just… weird.