Catsix, You're a Moron With a Persecution Complex and I'm Sick of It

You’re so dumb…
I bet you think this thread is about you…

It’s not every damn day that you see this in GD: the OP apologizes for the postings of someone who basically agrees with him. Why? Because catsix just couldn’t quit whining and attacking people for imaginary insults.

Congrats, catsix! You fucking egomaniac idiot. You think everything is about you, even when it’s explicitly not, and you apparently believe everybody is judging you. Congrats, fucko, you’re paranoid. But this thread actually is about you! Though I bet Carly Simon wouldn’t tell you you’re a fucking dumbass. Get psychological help. Might I add, Osama Bin Laden would be impressed by your hijacking skills. Dipshit.

To recap the thread: Soapbox Monkey started a somewhat snide thread called What’s the point of being vegetarian? But he did want a conversation. 'Dopers typically being reasonable people (I say typically, catsix, you fucking tool), the vegetarians here are not strident. So the responses were along the lines of:

Turns out yosemite is a fucking prophet and then some. A few posts later, in comes Jesus the Meat-Eater, valiantly stabbing himself in the brain for everybody’s sins against him:

Of course, everybody acknowledged this, said no, and tried to proceed rationally because we’re not douchebags.

Hey, the idiot learned something - like I told you, you don’t know what irony means, as I told you. So you dropped ‘ironic’ and started a Holden Caulfield-esque crusade against the ‘hypocrites.’ Of course, J.D. Salinger won awards and acclaim for making up Holden. If an author had made you up, the critics would beat his ass to a bloody pulp. Reasonable replies were wasted on you. I should’ve just gone to the store and bought you some planks and nails to help you with the fucking cross.

Sure they do, and morons like you spur them on. Nobody in the thread was doing it, but what the fuck, you’d need reading comprehension skills to know that.

Alright, we admit it, we love burgers and sausage. But it’s more fun to try and guilt you, because everything in the fucking universe is about you, you pompous prick.

They live in my head, and they won’t shut up! Why won’t they go away! They make me cry myself to sleep at night. WAAAAAHH!!!

You got it, fuckface!

I never started to. But your own words prove that you’re an idiot, so if nothing else I’m less of a preachy asshole than you are - which makes you a hypocrite, since those are the people you’re bitching about. So yeah, I guess I think you’re a moron and I’m not. And eating meat has nothing to do with it. Not that I think you’ll grasp that, or indeed, much of anything else more complex than 2+2=stoppersecutingmeI’mthevictimlookatme!!!

catsix is female.

Yeah, thanks brianjedi.

Anyway, my opinion of vegetarians and their ‘we decrease the suffering of animals’ and ‘we don’t cause the slaughter of innocent animals’ is that it 1) mischaracterizes meat eaters and 2) is really fucking dishonest.

So, since that apparently is a horrific problem, and since you decided to go off the deep end about it, could you keep your gender-specific insults to the gender I actually am?


Because you have the intellect of, if I’m not mischaracterizing them, an eight-year-old, you’ve failed to notice that nobody fucking characterized meat-eaters in the first place, rendering it impossible that anybody mischaracerized them. When you came in doing your preachy shit, I was right there with you. I don’t like people who do that, and I’ve described myself on these boards as “a vegetarian who doesn’t like other vegetarians.” Your inability to see beyond these glittering generalities is what set me off. Nobody ever said “boo” about you or accused you of a damn thing. Like I said, you seem to have a persectuion complex. If I was standing next to you and bit into a carrot, you’d probably start crying that I was judging you. :rolleyes:

My apologies, my psychic “guess what gender people are” power wasn’t working. Actually, re-reading the thread, I never explicity said you were male. I was referring to Jesus as male.

And why would I cry if someone ate a carrot?

It matters fuck all to me what someone else eats, as long as they don’t harp on and on about not killing innocent animals.

And she probably would, too.

Guess what, catsix, we all do a whole lot of things in this world. We all choose a whole lot of things. And we all do it just to show you up. The secret is out.

I own a Macintosh computer. I didn’t buy this computer (and all the other Macs before that) because, y’know, I like Macs, I bought them to show everyone else up. If you run a non-Mac machine, then the truth is out: I bought my Mac as a judgment against YOU.

I don’t own an SUV. And you know why I don’t own an SUV? Not because I can’t afford one, or because I just like smaller cars better. Oh no. It’s because I am trying to show how much BETTER I am than all the SUV owners. That’s the only reason why.

I give money to certain charities just to show you up. I read certain books that you don’t listen to, just to show you up. I listen to certain kinds of music—just to show you up. Everything we all do is just a calculated act, with the sole purpose of “judging” YOU.

There you have it. The secret is out. :wink:

Oh, another Catsix pitting. How exciting.

Pretty stupid to have such a major fixation on someone you don’t know, have never met, and will never meet.

Marley, can’t you do anything else than complain about other people?

What’s your problem?

And if someone says that they give to a certain charity, and they explain their reasons why, and you don’t happen to give money to that charity, then obviously they are only donating to that charity as a judgment against you.

And if you are a Microsoft Windows user, and you meet a Mac user who said that they chose Macs because they don’t like Windows, well, obviously they only chose Macs as a method to judge YOU.

Because we all do it to judge you. And all our explanations for having a certain motivation for choosing (or not choosing) something are really a way to judge YOU. And if we dare tell you our reasons? Of course we aren’t mentioning our reasons just to, you know, explain the reasons. Oh no. It’s all just a way to tell you that you somehow fall short.

WE ARE JUDGING YOU WITH EVERY ACTION WE TAKE, AND EVERY BREATH WE TAKE. Everything we do is just an attempt to make you feel inferior. And it’s not going to stop. Deal with it. :smiley:

So then you all can harp on and on about whatever you want, and far as I know I’m still free to disagree or say it’s annoying or whatever.

Where’s the problem?

For you, I’ll have to say this slowly. Ready?

I have 7,204 posts on the SDMB, made over roughly two years and four months. 222 of them are in the Pit. This is just a shade more than 3% of my posts. Meaning that I spend very little time here, and 97% of my time is not spent ‘complaining about other people.’ I have started a grand total of five pit threads, two of them about specific posters here (the others were about the Associated Press, Bush’s statements about legacy admissions - which, I noted, I found amusing and not irritating - and people who all but fabricated charges that John Kerry had slept with an intern).
I’ve only started 40 threads, but that’s still comparatively little time ‘complaining about other people.’ The problem here is sample bias: you’ve been here for a comparatively short amount of time, and two of those threads have been recent. A couple of my posts here were about you, so you paid attention. Notice that I’m not complaining about your rush to judgment and I’m trying to answer this like a GQ.

By contrast, 16 of your 585 posts are in the Pit, which is a bit more than 2.7% of your posts. So you spend about as much of your proportional time ‘complaining about other people’ as I do. And you’ll probably have to spend more of it here in the long term, because you seem to inspire anger easily. I wonder why.

Oh boy. Seeing a post comparison analysis in a thread is always a good sign.

Thanks for answering my question so quickly, accurately and succinctly.
It’s obvious now: You complain about other people all the time (and not just in the Pit) because you think you are better than everyone else.

That’s what I suspected.

Well, you know, I try to be thorough, this being the Straight Dope. My aim is to educate, and Snakespirit thinks he knows me just because he tried to pick a fight with me, so I thought I’d try to educate him a bit.

As I said, I try to support my thoughts with facts. I do not spend a lot of time here complaining about people, and since it’s true, I can prove it.

Really? You know something the mods don’t? Because they haven’t told me that.

Seriously, it’s just you.

Um, wow, let’s get this show back on the road, shall we?

Everything I have read from you in this thread, and in that other thread is you harping on how (I’m guessing here, cos I am really not that sure about what you have been going on about) vegetarians harm animals just as much as meat eaters. No that can’t be right, it makes no sense. What is your point, then?

Anyone harping about anything is annoying, sure, but when it is something that is completely factual? I am a vegetarian because I don’t want to participate in what, in my view, is the senseless slaughtering of animals. Um, that is why. If the truck that takes my cucumbers to the grocery store ran over a cat on the way, that sucks. It is not my fault. It has nothing to do with my eating the cucumber–that isn’t what caused the cat to die. Someone wanting a steak is exactly what caused that cow to die. Seems obvious to me.

Now, a review: I don’t eat meat----->Innocent animals are not killed for my direct benefit.

You eat meat--------->Innocent animals are killed for your benefit.

I think that is a simple concept to grasp…I’m just not allowed to mention it, correct?

I will mention it…just to prove that I am better than you.

But they are. Slaughtered by the thousands to clear a field to grow your precious cucucmbers.

Why do you deny that?

Well, I think that a lot of us aren’t denying that. We are just saying that we don’t wanna eat the actual animal flesh and have the animal killed just so we can eat it (the animal). And mainly, we don’t wanna eat it. What’s it to you, anyway?

And oh, by the way, we are judging you. And we all think we are better than you. Even though we don’t say it, even though we don’t think it . . . somehow, we are still judging you. When we eat that carrot and that cucumber, it is somehow an indictment against you. Because it’s all about you. :wink:

Please tell me you’re not serious about believing that.

And if you are… cite, please?