Cattle mutes, Marley's death, and our newest Carol

From Ok,Im new here,Carol is the name.

That business of reasonable explanations for your posts has been gone over many times.The question of just why you’re not a troll remains unanswed.If honest intentions are the reason for your posts of course there would be explanation,some attempt at two-way discussion would be present.But there not.Ok Marley23 and Miller mentioned that I can’t call a troll a troll outside of the pit.Each and every one of those trolls can be identified in or around a thread by the method and the tracks they leave at the sight.Im seeing troll tracks all over that thread.

Thats what got all of this started in the first place. A poster finds a new member walks over to it and the first thing hes got to do is determine that the new person doest threaten the rest of the board. When he comes across a troll the first thing he notices is that his own anus has been cored,the ufo has been removed,sometimes the crop circles around the bavaria and fountain pen have been glumphed,he knows thru copper pipes of zlifs that brinndla io krelmph sasfoewrn normal. Are ya with me so far?

Cuz that’s my game.

Nicely done, bee-yatch.

The first time I posted on the SDMB, I was completely shat upon because I did not use capitilization… a bad email habit of mine. I can’t believe how nice everyone was to carol. Seriously, dat bitch is crazy.

Oh and since I’m also new here… what is a troll? What is trolling?

I accidentally a whole cow

We just spotted a butthurt poster in the field.

I wonder what caused it. Government aliens I bet.


Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner.
Old Marley was as dead as a door-nail.

lolcowz: i can be cheezburger?

accidentally what?

That’s the question, isn’t it?

There’re always questions.

The entire cow!

That’s five minutes of my life and a handful of brain cells that I’d like back, please.

That thread was completely inane. Well, the first handful of posts I now regret reading anyway. The lack of punctuation, line spacing and general intelligence in that thread set my monitor and keyboard afire with the stupid.

Fuck! That ought to teach not to open troll threads.

Talk about thing I didn’t need to know…:eek:

OTOH, this was fuckin’ funny:


Touche, old bean. To you. clink

Who killed Marley? He’s a dude who doesn’t usually piss me off. We need more of those.

As for the Guest of Honor–she’s either a nutter, a sock, a troll, or some combination thereof.

Nusotroll? Nutrock? Trosonut?

I vote for “Nutrock”, which otherwise would make a great band name.

I was going to say “Nutsock”, for the obvious dirty pun.