caught in zippers

I assume this is a common occurance among many men but it’s never happened to me.
What are the circumstances that precipitate an uncomfortable situation like this? I can understand if one’s five years old and going to the bathroom like a Big Boy but an adult getting Mr Happy caught in the toothy trap of their fly?

I did once. Have a scar to prove it.

It happens. It’s painful. The answer is underware that closes, or 501’s

I go commando so the steel toothed monster has bitten wee willy winky a number of times. I’d like to say that it is simply a matter of having too much surface area stuffed into a small place, but that is sadly not the case. Usually it happens when I’m in a big hurry and I’m trying to stuff and zip at nearly the same time. If I’m chewing gum at the time, it is inevitable.

My cousin had to make a trip to an emergency room to be set free. I’ve somehow managed to avoid this particular trap.

Happend to me once. Reduced Ms Hook to rolling on the floor pointing and laughing. Finally had to take a razor blade and cut the zipper. 501’s are the way to go.

Franks and beans!!

It happened to me once too many times. I have since had the flys of all my boxer shorts sewn shut.

I think it usually involves the presence of consumed alcohol. I think that’s the last time it ever happened to me, so it must be many moons ago. :wink: