I believe that one of my neighbors may have gotten on this message board and is posting things about me. A guy I go to school with, Tommy, who hangs around me and gives me a hard time, told me that he found this “dope” cite and that he told the people there about me. I don’t know what he said, but I’m not like that burnout!

I don’t know why he’s always bugging on me! We try to get him to go away, and tell him stuff, but it doesn’t work. Anyway, don’t believe what he says about me, it is not true!

hmm… I’m sorry, but I have never seen the status of “junior member” before. How did you get this status…what exactly does it mean?

tipi :slight_smile:

oh my goodness. I swear that just a minute ago under donaldj’s name it said junior member and then when I replied and reread it the thing said member. someone please explain this to me so I don’t think I’ve gone mad! :slight_smile:

tipi :slight_smile:

No offense but you must have something to hide if you came here just to tell us not to believe what your “friend” is saying about you.

tipiwoo, the first time a member posts (or at leasts starts a new thread), he is given the status of “Junior Member.” The first response he gets automatically promotes him to “Member.” There’s a thread in the “About this MB” forum that discusses it.

I saw what he wrote about you! I can’t believe you did that in public! Shame on you!!!

I think he meant “dope” in a slang tense, meaning “cool”, and he didn’t mean it in a literal way. You know, like “That car was dope!”

A dope guy,

I am beginning to feel a bit dopey in the really old-fashioned sense of goofy, knuckleheaded, out to lunch…what is going on here?

What Loverock says about you is a riot. I suspect, in reality, you and loverock are the same. I think I like this identity better. its esyr two reed.

I am in agreement with Bill, I think that the Donald character was created to go along with the posts of donny from loverock. I think they are the same poster who is having some fun with us all.


BINGO…different email, but they both list ‘student’ as occupation…must be.
I am hereby ignoring all loverock/donny crap, adn I urge others to join me.

Um…if they go to school together, won’t they both list “student” as their occupation?

"Donny*, if you are so concerned about what you wrote about yourself, why don’t you just go look?

This is great. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

Kudos to whoever is constucting this magnificent melodrama.

Should we create a new forum, for inane things people do that they think will amuse others?

You picked on LOVEROCK, now it’s this kid’s turn. Ease up, guys. Let’s give him the benefit of our collective wisdom! Besides, his spellchecker works! Don’t let these people bother you kid. Ignorance is cureable stupidity isn’t!


Damn! You guys are HARSH! I am not Loverock and he is not me! We are very, Very VERY different. I know, a lot better than you guys do, what a total jerk he is. You guys just read him, I have to live close to him and actually see him. What I can’t understand is how he got online. His rich daddy must have bought him a computer or something.

Oh, get real. We don’t know “DonaldJ” from Adam. “Donny” or whatever could just as well (and is assumed to be) an imaginary friend. If you are real, what do you care? If you are not, you’re risking ruining your game. I mean, get real. He told you about a ‘dope’ site, and by some miraculous coincidence you found exactly the right site when I’m sure there are gazillions of sites out there with the word ‘dope’ in them somewhere. Then, on top of that, you divined that “loverock” was “Tommy” and the “donny” in the posts was you. I could start rambling about a “Donny” I know, too, maybe I’M your neighbor Tommy! Puh-leaze. My point is, this is too ridiculous to be real, in case that wasn’t abundantly clear.

And if you are real, he hasn’t even said anything bad about you, except that you told him about Spanish Fly, which is dangerous stuff in reality. Shame on you.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy