caveman with an ipod.

My good friend’s 80gb ipod froze up on him so I said “let me see it, I can reset it for you”. He is full of beer and will not let me try cause he is sure that he can reset it by prying it open and unplugging the drive then plugging it back in :eek:. So with the very first twist of the butterknife the screen shits the bed and he tosses the unit out into traffic while ranting about what a piece of shit it is. Today he is sober and wants to know why I let him do something that dumb.

Were you also drunk?

I had an iPod that broke, too. I discovered the trick on some of the older ones is to only load iPod friendly genres. For some reason, five-year-old iPods break when you pump them full of jazz.


In my head, I replaced the a with an i on the last word. And then I wondered why you would wonder… wouldn’t it be really obvious?


Caveman with an iPod, I know
I know - it’s serious

WOW! Touche’.

Tell him you let him because HE HAD A KNIFE!!

OK, a butter knife, which has rather limited injury potential, but still… :stuck_out_tongue:

Beer: 15.00
Replacement iPod: 250.00:
Look on your friend’s face when he realized what he’d done: priceless!

A dish best served cold. Bravo!

Why has your friend got a butter knife in his car?

Sure, I had a few also. I had talked him into letting me put it in my pocket and return it today but a while later he wanted it back and was not taking no for an answer, so I gave it back to him. Had it been the keys to his truck I would have stood my ground.

We live in the city. He chucked it from his stoop.

I bow to the master!

I hate you. I was coming to post that.

Good to see that there’s at least one other person out there whose circuits are as twisted as mine. I have to imagine there are plenty of others scratching their heads and wondering what we’re on about.

Well done.

Phew, I wasn’t the only one.

:suspicious darting of eyes about:

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. What are you on about?

On-the-go iPod repair.

You can tell them: don’t be Schiavo!