CC gave Colin Quinn ANOTHER show?!?

So Colin Quinn was on Conan last night, blabbering on about how much he can’t stand stupid people, and mentions that “his new show starts in March on Comedy Central.” He goes on to describe it, and it sounds just like that pile of crap he was on a few months ago.

What the hell?!? Didn’t Comedy Central realize that he wasn’t funny last time, or the time before that? Is he supplying the ad wizards with some sort of superdrug that makes them want to see this claptrap as much as possible?

Why, God, why?

Dammit. I’ve held onto my religion through some tough times when I was younger. I held onto it through college despite several professors trying to convince me otherwise. I’ve held onto it through all of the terrible events that have happened in the world lately.

If Colin Quinn gets another show on Comedy Central, that’s it. I’ve converting to whatever religion Amish people practice and tossing my TV out the window.

Is it possible that Conan was a rerun? NBC tends to run a week of recent (ie: two month old) shows every six weeks or so to give Big Red some time off, or if the industry is quiet.

Plus I believe Monday night was a repeat…though I may and could be wrong. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but then what new show would they be talking about? His Politically Incorrect knockoff started in the fall, didn’t it? Was there one before that?

Variety mentioned this in a story that’s on on Yahoo:

Apparently the “pile of crap he was on a few months ago” was a just a tryout…

Once again the chicken boy, he is corrected.

And apparently all you need to do to get a talk show is to be an uncharismatic bore without any sense of delivery or articulation.

But I’ll stop before this becomes a pit rant.

Wait, after that 2-week “tryout”, some suit decided that Quinn & Co.'s effort was good enough for 105 more shows?!? Did this person actually watch the shows, or just take Quinn’s word on it?

I’m so glad that Upright Citizen’s Brigade was cancelled so many years ago to make more room for shows like this.

Colin Quinn is an anti-star. Anything he is involved with sucks.

P.S.- Upright Citizen’s Brigade sucked, too.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Sounds like “Contractural Obligation Theater Presents…”

I used to think UCB sucked til I saw it live, where it was really, truly funny. For some reason the TV show sucked all the humor out of it. I blame Colin Quinn, for no reason at all.

For real, Upright Citizens is the shiznittobamshipsapsnap.

As for Tough Croud, you’re right that I have no idea how Quinn held onto it, but it’s no worse than a billion other things on TV at any time. I’ve seen all the Whose Line? episodes I can handle and a little new programming can’t hurt CC.

21-weeks worth of Quinn and his drunken louts mouthing off about issues of the day? Those bozos were repeating themselves before the first two weeks were up. And it still wasn’t funny.

In a another story on Yahoo about CC, some of the other series they have lined up are making me believe that Comedy Central is turning into a charity work project for out of work comedians and SNL regulars.

A Jim Bruer sketch/variety show? Oh joy. Goatboy, that same tired Joe Pesci impression, and pot jokes. Wow.

Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara in a show about trying to restart their careers? Sounds like they already have. :rolleyes:

Comedy Central is eating ball sacks. How many times can they show BAPS or ECU or Ghostbusters? When ever you see a commercial for a COMEDY CENTRAL PREMIERE you know that is the begining of a LONG run of that movie on CC. High Fidelity debuted a couple weeks back and has already been on 10+ times!

WLisitA needs to be flushed down the crapper. They show that show so much you would think they were getting paid to show it.

There are also a huge amount of shitty standup comics on there. Really bad ones.

The only shows on there worth watching are South Park and Daily Show.

Colin Quinn is a bastard.

Oh, they also show 6 hours or so of SNL a day as well. What fun. I have seen the Stallone one about 5 times in the last 3 months. Though it does have a great sketch in it (computer/orange julius guy)

In the 80s, he was on MTV’s Remote Control, which did not suck.

On another note, what’s up with your sig? It strikes me as hostile to gays.

Mockingbird, “Fagjunk Theology” and “sodomite propagandists” comes from a Pit thread about Fred Phelps. He’s making fun of Phelps, so indirectly, it’s actually supportive of gays.

I may be responsible for it, because IIRC, I’m the one who pointed out that those phrases would make excellent names for rock bands.

As for Colin Quinn:

How does someone who isn’t funny get a career in comedy?

I think Quinn is a very funny writer, he just has no delivery.

This is something with which I sympathize. But then again, I don’t have a show on Comedy Central.


i think that he’s every bit as funny as dan rather.