Cecil Adams is more popular than Jesus.

If you read the last four words of the first Straighdope book very slowly, you can see it says “I buried Cecil”.

My multi-post is my multi-cite:

Idle Thoughts:

Just a heads-up, no criticism intended:

Given X is greater than Y and Z is greater than Y, we cannot conclude that Z is grearter than X or vice versa.

You’re right. I’m ashamed.

ETA: But xash gives me hope, at least. He’s grown so much misty eyed

I read the thread title and thought, “Well, duh!”

Jesus? I like him very much, but He cannot help with curveballs.

Even mighty Cecil and/or Xash are advised that it is bad to steal Jo Bu’s rum. Very bad.


Round here he seems to be.

Rest of the world: Cecil who?

They shall be smited.

Meet the Cecil
Sgt. Cecil’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Dope

Idle Thoughts:

Please do not be ashamed–the intent was a polite heads-up, nothing more.

Since neither one exists or has ever existed, I call it a tie.

But if you read it too fast, it says, “Satan is my homeboy.”

I’m not terribly impressed with either one of them.

It doesn’t look good. No blue line.

Cecil’s a lot more real. Any way you figure it.