Celebrities that could make you go the way they ain't (not gay/not straight)

Inspired by this thread.

I would choose to go lesbian before I would choose to get laid by Jerry Seinfield and/or Woody Allen

Funny question.

Flavor-Flav. And Woody Allen, too.

I would become straight before choosing to get it on with Richard Simmons. Do I get bonus points since he is in all likelyhood gay himself? :slight_smile:

There are plenty! I’ll be brief…

I must agree with Woody Allen & Flavor-Flav
Steve Buscemi
Jeff Goldblum
Owen Wilson
John Goodman
Kevin Spacey
pretty much anyone over 60 (sorry, don’t hate)

When are some guys gonna weigh in? Speaking of weighing in …

Courtney Love. Rosie O’Donnell. Lisa Lampanelli. I suppose I could muster the nerve to grudge fuck Cameron Diaz, but the thought disturbs me. I know, you’re thinking, “she isn’t a fat bloated mess like the other three!” Perhaps not, but she does look like a coked up disease bag who sits on a beach all day, and I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. The sad thing is she used to be rather fetching before she made it big. She used to have have glowing fair skin and a normal body weight.

As long as we could pair it with a celebrity you’d cross over for?

I second Rosie. And add Ann Coulter, although we’re not sure on that one.

I see how it is, I don’t count. ::sniffle::

Bruce Willis. Pauly Shore. Rod Stewart. Say, this is easy! Shall I go on?

Rosie O’Donnell
Hilary Clinton
Paris Hilton (really, any of that circle - you know the ones)
Britney (though I’d be ALL OVER Christina)

Coulter has to be up there.

The one that initially came to my mind was Sandra Bernhard.

Last time I checked, I’m a guy. Either that or I have an 8 inch clitoris.

Nice way to squeeze in your penis size. But you didn’t answer the question so we can’t count you, even though you checked out your manhood.

Yep, I’m adding her.

And the Evil Spawn of Joan Rivers

What about Joan herself?

You’re right. I was in the wrong thread. I mistakenly thought this was the other thread about which celebrity you’d turn gay for, to which I did contribute. Must have been the blood rushing to my clitoris.
To answer this thread, I would go gay before having relations with Greta Van Sustern or Anne Coulter.