If I was Gay I would totally do......

to take you mind of the election…

Robbie Williams ! Absolute quality entertainer! Better than Frank Sinatra and Elvis combined! sublime performer n consumate artist! Good on ya fella! No Bromance here but I fucking love this dude!! If Were gay yeah I would crush hard on Robbie so take that!

Feel free to add your strange admirations for celebs… or not

If you were gay,
that’d be okay,
I mean cause, hey,
I’d like you anyway.

Feel free to be gay but since you are talking about celebs go do it in Cafe Society. You can only be gay with mundanes here.

Because you see
if it were me,
I would feel free to say
(but I’m not gay).
True poetry, right there.

(As a woman, I think the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen is The Americans actress Annet Mahendru. Even in a freakin Soviet prison cell).

I hate to say this, but I am WAY old and have eclectic tastes in everything, including music, and I couldn’t recognize this person or identify one of his songs if you pointed a gun at my head. I’ve seen his name bandied around, and that is it.

And I admit it did for a moment, just for its sheer randomness.

Well, I am gay … and I wouldn’t touch that.

That is the funniest post I’ve read on the SDMB in a long time.

Great question but probably best phrased in terms of “who is not of your usually preferred gender, that you would totally do because they are so hot?” That way everyone can participate.

As for me, super straight female, I used to think Susan Sarandon/Sigourney Weaver would be my choice if I was told I had to pick a female lover, but in recent years I have spurned them for Sophia Varga. She looks not only incredibly sexy in “Modern Family,” but also she looks like she is having such a good time in the role. That combination of physical hotness and irreverent sense of humor is pretty irresistible.

Heh, I was watching the old TV series Sharpe with my wife and she made appreciative noises about a young Sean Bean, who plays the eponymous hero with tight pants and shirt unbuttoned much of the time … and so I commented back that, I’m not gay, but I would totally share that with her. :wink:


I am gay as well and I totally would touch that all over. :slight_smile:
Now I’d always thought that if I were straight, I would so love to do Ani Difranco.

Huh. He’s not that popular in the US, but good on him for still being around.

Americans might remember him from Rock Dj.

I always had a girl crush on Gwen Stefani but something’s changed since she got together with Blake Shelton.

Kate McKinnon is cute as a button and funny as can be.

Speaking of Gwen Stefani, I’d totally bang Gavin Rossdale if I was gay.

Joseph Gordon Levitt for me.

Hugh Jackman. I’d definitely change teams for him.

I’m sure we’ve had one of these threads before. If so, I’ve probably said this already, but…

If I were gay, Neil Patrick Harris would probably have a restraining order out on me because I would stalk the shit out of that guy. But as much as I think he’s nifty, he currently does nothing for me from the waist down. And thus he and I are better off for it.

Daniel Craig

Ellen DeGeneres, I bet she would make me laugh all the time. . In earlier days I thought Grace Jones was smoking hot. Most female celebrities these days are to me just pretty. Most males too. Where are the Robert Redfords and Paul Newmans of these days.

100% agreement here. If I were female and gay she would be even more of a dream for me.