Celebrities whose names confuse you

Brie Larson is not Alison Brie.

And Kristen Stewart is not Kristen Johnson.

And Cait Blanchett is not Kate Winslet, but in my mind I have no idea who is who. I have to Google search them to see which one was in Titanic.
Obviously, I can tell them apart when I see them, but whenever I read one of their names, I usually think of the other. Who confuses you?

Cats Blanchette is the beautiful one. Kate Winslet is the beautiful, HOT one.

J.K. Rowling, long-haired female British author.

J.K. Simmons, balding male American actor.

Keith David isn’t David Keith.

Rip Torn and Rip Taylor really need to switch surnames.

This one is really stupid but it messes with my head every time:

Joel Osteen (televangelist) is not Haley Joel Osmet (Sixth Sense blondie kid)

Steve McQueen, the Caucasian actor, died in 1980. Steve McQueen, the black director, is very much alive.

John Hurt is not William Hurt, who in turn is not Bill Pullman

I can’t believe that in a thread on this topic, Bill Pullman was mentioned with no corresponding mention of Bill Paxton.


For some reason I always have trouble with three-named country musicians. Billy Ray Cyrus, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Billy Bob Thornton… wait, he’s not a country musician.

I can never picture who is being referred to when I hear the names Kate Bosworth and
Kate Beckinsale. Ditto Olivias Munn and Wild.

Oh, gods…that one confused the everloving me when I first heard of the director.

Emile Hirsch. Is it “em-ill-ee,” or “em-eel,” or “ee-mile” or “frank”?

Holly Hunter and Helen Hunt.

As an aside: For the life of me, I can’t tell Jennifer Aniston and Helen Hunt apart.

And don’t get started on Spike Jones

and Spike Jonze

Do politicians count?

I get Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Ron Paul all confused.

And there’s no end of Michael Jacksons

There are even some not on this list that I’m aware of.

…who is not Spike Lee.

Also often confused are Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney.

I’ll admit that for an embarrassingly long time I didn’t realize Leslie Bibb and Leslie Mann were two separate people. I just sort of knew there was a good looking actress named Leslie Something who had long blonde hair and did a lot of comedies.

True enough. There was even an SNL fake ‘game show’ about those two being confusable.

More confusables: I’ll nominate Amy Adams and Amy Ryan.