Celebrity Apprentice - Anyone watching this season? (open spoilers)

I haven’t seen a thread thus far, so I figured I’d start one.
(Space for Spoiler)

Blago got fired last night. Any thoughts?
I have to admit it was kind of funny to hear Michael Johnson say that Rod Blagojevich would make a good leader. I was actually kind of disappointed to see him leave. I would have loved to have seen how he would done in the challenges where the celebrities have to hit their rich friends up for money.

They already had a challenge where they needed to hit their rich friends up for money, and Blago not only didn’t help at all with that, he lost them ten grand by spending the whole talking instead of serving Joan Rivers her food.

It’s getting more difficult for me to watch by the week. I mean, this last episode was absolutely brutal, and I’m not even a Harry Potter fan. I was really surprised none of the men could even be bothered to find out what the HP stuff was all about, and Blago was terrible as project leader. The second-hand embarrassment was just awful. I’m only watching at all (never saw a single ep of the Apprentice before) because Bret Michaels makes me laugh, and it’s clear he doesn’t have a chance of winning because he’s insane. Pretty soon, the men’s team is going to be Curtis, Michael, and Goldberg. At that point, will the teams be split more evenly? Or are the men just going to have to try to deal with their shortage of players?

True, but I would have loved to have heard his response on some future challenge when Donald asked why he didn’t bother asking his former political donors for money.

There hasn’t been a single episode where there was any doubt about who was going to get booted as soon as Trump entered the room. This leaves a half hour of useless filler at the end of every two hour episode, and it is getting extremely boring.

I’ve taken to watching until the challenge is over, then TIVOing the rest to watch the next day. This morning I just fast-forwarded to the firing. I’m one who has a hard time abandoning a show mid-stream, but this one is just about done for me.

Donald or Donnie asked him that after the first episode - he said something like “Given my current difficult situation, it would be risky for me and for them if I contacted my donors.” Trump seemed OK with that answer.

Not even Strawberry last week? In hindsight it was telegraphed - “I’m not used to getting up at 9 AM like non-celebrities do”, - but I fully expected it to be Johnson or Blago.

Thanks for explaining. I guess I must have been out of the room and missed that part.

Resurrecting the thread after today’s episode. I really think celebrities need to be thoughtful about what it means to be on a show like this. I mean, I expect the musicians to be a little loopy. People who do more normal things for a living I expect to behave more positively.

I really don’t care much for Holly Robinson Peete, and I really liked her from her 21 Jump Street days. In this show, though, she’s a snide backstabbing something or other. I don’t think it’s strategy as much as it is a nasty streak on her part. Too bad.

I’m liking Curtis, Bret, Cyndi, and Summer. The WWE lady isn’t long for the show, and I don’t think it’s fair that Sharon gets to stay on the show considering she’s been out sick for several weeks. However, it was pretty fucked up for Holly to tattle to Trump about her statement about quitting. (It was also pretty dumb of Sharon to make that statement publicly.)

Nice little “get well” mention about Bret Michaels at the end of tonight’s show.

It was pretty funny watching the corporate rep’s facial expressions as Rock Solid was doing the “tour bus thrusts” and various humping motions. I’m surprised the 24-Hour Fitness people didn’t make a bigger deal about that.

I think the main reason I’m still watching this show is to watch Trump twist and turn to find a reason to eliminate the least famous person possible each week.

Like the one with the Right Guard commercial. The execs plainly gave two reasons the women’s team lost: the ad focused too much on the mother instead of the boy AND they didn’t do a second commercial that was different from the first.

Both of those decisions were clearly shown to be Holly’s. She came up with the original idea before they met with the execs, the execs told the team that they wanted the focus on the boys, and Holly announced she still liked her idea and was going to stick with it anyway. And it was solely her idea to cut corners and not do the second spot after they’d shot footage for it.

So, did Trump fire her? Of course not. He managed to keep a straight face while firing a less famous woman. Her sin? She didn’t help carry in the props… Oh, yeah. That’s what caused the loss, clearly.:rolleyes:
And the episode when Gov. B. went – Trump was positively begging him to bring one of the less famous guys to the boardroom so he could keep the more (in)famous pol around. But the Gov managed to foil Trump.

You could also SEE the irritation coming off Trump when Darryl and Michael insisted on bailing out of this horror show.

And can you imagine him letting Summer or Maria off the hook if they skipped out on tasks repeatedly? Hah. But it’s CYNDI and SHARON who are doing that, so he’ll cut them slack, over and over.

So we come to this week. Tenacity lost by about 2 to 1 on the fund raising. Team of three, who should be fired? The two who mainly came up with the exercise routine that won? Or the woman who was in charge of the fund raising?

Yeah, but that’s Sharon, one of his biggest celebrities. But it would like insane to fire either of the others over her. What to do? What to do? Why, declare both teams winners and don’t fire anyone! Brilliant!


I saw this one-week-pass coming… when Michael Johnson left, there was a one fewer contestants, and that means one less week of advertising revenue… he needed to keep it going for one more week…

Good point.

I am really glad they are going back to the regular version: the contestants are genuinely driven to stay on the show and there’s actual suspense in the boardroom.

Wow, Eric Trump was a dead ringer for Mordred in Excalibur, wasn’t he?

I thought he looked like a younger and douchier version of Gordon Gekko.

On a related note, I just ran across this story:

Trump U gets sued.

I’m shocked, shocked, I tell ya.

After last season’s fiasco with Joan Rivers, I’ve given up on this show for good. Will never watch another second of this stinker.

Yeah, he tried to do that tonight. Trump was just grasping for straws looking for an excuse to fire Brett, when it was Cyndi and Holly that messed up the task. Sure, he had to take some time off to do a concert, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time someone has to attend to a previously scheduled engagement and when he got back he worked his ass off. In the end Trump just couldn’t find a reasonable excuse to let Brett go, however, and ended up firing Cyndi.

I was actually surprised at that…until they did the coming attractions.

He’s going to cut it down to just two next week, and clearly Cyndi wouldn’t have a chance of winning if she was in solo control – so no need to struggle to keep her any longer.

My prediction: the immediate firing will be from the other team – it would look silly to fire Cyndi and then immediately fire Holly or Curtis. My guess is that it will be Maria. Then the interviews and then he will ditch Holly and Curtis. He’ll want to save Sharon and I’m sure he wants a M vs. F finale, and I think Brent has played a bigger role in winning challenges.

I believe he will put Holly vs. Brett in the finals. I was surprised by the whole fire Brett thing. Why be so upset over him leaving for a previously scheduled concert when Cindi did that two times previously, not to mention Sharon being sick and essentially not involved for like 3 weeks…

So did anyone watch the finale tonight? I’m a fan of Brett and respect for pulling through his various ailments the way he did, but I thought they played the sympathy card a little too hard.

I watched and about 5 seconds after Trump said “You’re Hired” my power went out for 20 minutes. Came back on about 10:20.

it was good timing for me, bad timing for everyone that was watching LOST.

Is there a reason why Sharon Osbourne wasn’t at the taping tonight? or Goldberg? or were they, and I just missed them when I was channel surfing?

And FTR, I would hate to be around Cyndi Lauper for more than 2 minutes.